Charlie Stayt slams BBC Breakfast co-star’s ‘annoying’ habit

Nina Warhurst shares her ‘guilt’ at feeling ‘cross’ with father

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BBC Breakfast presenters Charlie Stayt and Nina Warhurst fronted the morning show on Thursday despite the fact Naga Munchetty usually covers alongside Charlie during the latter part of the week. The duo reported on all the latest updates, including the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III, which led to a conversation between the two which saw Charlie brutally admit Nina’s singing was “annoying”.

Preparations are being made across the country to celebrate the monarch’s Coronation in May.

The Princess of Wales’ childhood piano teacher, who composed a song for her wedding to Prince William, is rounding up child choirs from around the nation to learn a song he’s written for the event.

As they introduced the report, Nina and Charlie engaged in their own chat about singing.

“Now, who doesn’t love a good sing-along?” Nina asked viewers.

“Oh – you do!” Charlie quickly interjected, to which Nina responded: “I do love a sing-along.”

“You do, you’re constantly singing,” Charlie commented.

Laughing, Nina agreed while Charlie continued: “No, you are though.”

“Is it good?” Nina asked. “But I know – I am a hummer. Is it annoying?”

“Yes,” Charlie answered bluntly as he glared at the cameras and Nina replied: “OK…”

Going back to the news piece, she continued: “Well, now Kate Middleton’s former piano teacher has written a song for the entire nation to sing at King Charles’ Coronation. I’ll be getting involved with that.”

“Daniel Nicholls has already heard from hundreds of schools up and down the country and hopes the day before the Coronation they’ll all come together to sing,” Charlie added.

Appearing in the report, Daniel remarked: “Kate Middleton came for piano lessons from the age of about 11 to 13.

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“She was very bright and bubbly and jolly. She did really well, [she] got Grade three piano and Grade five theory.

“So it seemed appropriate for us to write her a song for her wedding to William.”

As he played a section of his musical tribute, the segment went on to show Daniel rounding up choirs for a special Coronation song.

It didn’t take long for Nina to pick up on the words, and she tried to urge Charlie to join her in singing along after the report.

“You pick things up fast!” Charlie commented, adding: “Any more?”

“I’ve got that bit, yeah – I told you I like singing,” Nina smiled before continuing: “I can’t necessarily do it very well but what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm!”

Her colleague responded by smiling pointedly at the cameras without saying anything.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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