Charlie Gard’s parents say no one will be hurting more than Alfie Evans’ family

Charlie Gard’s parents say "no one will be hurting more" than the family of tragic Alfie Evans.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates gave their support to Alfie Evans’ parents in their first TV interview since their son’s death last year.

As emotional vigils are held for 23-month-old toddler Alfie Evans, Connie and Chris admit their own pain is still "raw" after losing their their 11-month-old last July after a similar high court legal battle.

Charlie’s parents are determined to make sure their son’s legacy lives on and are pushing for new legislation with Charlie’s Law.

Chris and Connie hope Charlie’s Law will prevent parents experiencing prolonged conflict with medical professionals and can increase transparency with hospitals.

On how he is coping with his loss, Chris said: "[It’s] extremely tough obviously. We’ve lost our little boy. The day Charlie was born he became the absolute centre of our universe. He was everything we ever wanted.

"Sadly nine months ago he left us. To this day he’s the centre of our universe and always will be. We promised him in the sad days leading up to his death we’d do everything to help other children have a chance at treatment and try to change the law."

During the emotional interview, Connie explained the intentions behind Charlie’s Law and how they are trying to improve communications with hospitals.

She said: "We have independent mediators, independent second opinions, everything is out on the table to improve the communication, transparancy. Hopefully to get the doctors and parents to come to an agreement before it comes to a judge.

"What we found difficult in court you couldn’t sit with a judge for five minutes to get your point across."

Charlie’s parents said don’t condone any abuse against hospital staff and praised the nurses that looked after their son.

Connie admitted she didn’t know the full medical complexities of Alfie Evans’ case so could not comment. but believed Charlie’s Law would "100%" have helped her own son.

Chris said: "No one will be hurting more than Tom and Kate, Alfie’s parents at this moment in time. Obviously it is difficult for us, it’s so raw after Charlie, going back there.

"It’s hard for anyone having lost a young child and anyone who has made a decision to remove ventilation or draw life support because it’s the best thing to do for their child.

"Seeing our story and Alfie’s story in the media must create anger for a lot of people because it brings them back to the most horrific moment of their life."

Sending a message to Tom Evans and Kate James, Chris said: "No one has more pain than those two at the moment. From a personal experience obviously to this day, nine months later, I can get very angry at the world, at life, I can get extremely upset.

"My overwhelming feeling is, and I can imagine Tom feels the same, is pride for my little boy.

"Charlie touched the hearts of people around the world and so did Alfie. I don’t need to tell him but just be proud of your boy just like we are of Charlie."

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