Celebrity Big Brother's Ben Jardine now says that he fancies Gabby Allen

Celebrity Big Brother‘s Ben Jardine isn’t content to chase one woman inside the house. He’s got his eyes on a second lady now!

A mere two days ago, the Married at First Sight star was desperately declaring his love for the very-engaged Roxanne Pallett and kissing her in the storeroom, telling her: “I love you, right? Sorry!”

He even came up with a pet name for Roxanne, calling the former Emmerdale star his “Little Roxo Cube”. Admittedly, it’s enough to make you heave up your dinner and almost no-one is shipping this couple, especially not Roxanne’s partner.

But love is a fickle emotion, especially for Ben. In Wednesday’s (August 29) highlight show, he trotted off into the Diary Room to reveal that he’s got the hots for Love Island star Gabby Allen… and he thinks the feeling is mutual.

“She’s a bit stand-offish, which I like,” he admitted. “Then, all of a sudden, when that little twinkle comes, she got a little sense of mischievy-ness.”

That’s what he said — mischievy-ness. Anyway, back over to Ben for some more pining in the Diary Room.

“When she does get in, she’s in,” he beamed. “It’s like, wow! That, to me, I respect that and I appreciate it. And I’m buzzing off that. You see yourself sometimes in people, don’t ya? She gets the same kinda buzzes I get, I think.

“I’d love to develop something there. And sometimes, I’ll be honest! I’m gonna say it how it is! I don’t wanna come across big-headed. I see a little [something back] sometimes from her, there’s a little something there. She puts me on the backfoot a little bit and I like that. I like to be put on the backfoot!

“I can’t put a read on it, Big Brother. I can’t, and I don’t! I don’t think she knows where she is, or what she wants. I’m a little bit like that.”

No. Just, no. All of us (potentially including Dan Osborne) can agree — run far, far away, Gabby!

(warning: NSFW tweets below)

Just a little reminder that Ben divorced the woman he married at first sight and then almost immediately got another lady pregnant right before entering the Big Brother house.

As we said – run, Gabby, run!

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Thursday (August 30) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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