CBB psychic Sally correctly predicted Princess Diana’s death in a car crash and has warned that ‘the truth’ about the accident will be revealed by Prince George’s grandchild

The 66-year-old also sent shockwaves through the house as she revealed details about Chloe Ayling’s kidnapping that were previously unknown.

But before entering the house, did you know Sally Morgan found world-fame for predicting Princess Diana’s death – a whole year before it happened?

Here’s some of her biggest and best psychic forecasts…

Princess Diana’s death

The year prior to Princess Diana’s death in 1997, Sally had a premonition about her it.

Sally, who was Diana’s psychic for over four years, revealed the information in a reading with one of her sisters.

She revealed she saw a body being pulled out of a car in a tunnel, but thought it might be the Queen.

She later said: “I didn’t tell her but I had told her sister.”

Prince George’s grandchild will reveal the truth about Diana

Sally believes the truth about Diana’s death will be come out through Prince George’s grandchildren.

Prince George is the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton and is currently only five years old.

She said: “Diana would definitely want the facts to be revealed.

“She’d be torn between it all being dragged up again and upsetting her boys.

“But William and Harry are men now, so they can handle it. I think they want the truth, too.

“But I think it’ll be 200 years before it comes out. It’ll be Prince George‘s grandchildren who’ll allow the truth to be printed.”

Prince Harry and Meghan are going to have twins

Sally seems to be a bit of an expert when it comes to the royal family and she thinks Prince Harry and Meghan will have twins.

The physic said: “They will have two girls and a boy, they will have three children. Harry will have more daughters than sons and in fact, this is a biggie, there may be twins there.”

Princess Charlotte is going to ‘ruffle’ the system

Sally has also had a thing or two to say about Princess Charlotte’s personality.

She said: “Her personality will be vocal, loving and tenacious, this child is going to never give up on anything. Be it: ‘I want a sweetie to I really want that position in life, I’d really like to fly a plane’, she will not give up. And she will fly helicopters and planes.

“If you’ve got a personality like that she can ruffle feathers, so we’re looking at a child who in an institution like office, the system will be ruffled.”

A man is going to win Celebrity Big Brother 2018

We'll have to watch this space but according to Sally this year's CBB will be won by a man.

When quizzed by Natalie Nunn about who would win the show, she said:  "It won't be you, no. You might be in the last three but it won't be you."

Sally then added: "It's going to be a fella that wins it."

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