Casualty fans gobsmacked as show is rocked by huge explosion during tense scenes

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Casualty fans were left in shock on Saturday night, as the show was rocked by a huge explosion during a gender reveal party.

Pregnant Nikki and boyfriend Eli were preparing to reveal the gender of her baby with a fun gender cannon which was supposed to send confetti fluttering gently to the ground.

Eli hadn't wanted to know the gender of their baby – but, knowing Nikki did, he set up the cannon in the back garden.

"I called in a few favours," Eli explained. "I had my sister organise the colours. I just built the thing. I thought you deserved something special."

Eli prepared to film the reveal as Nikki leaned to light the fuse, counting down and letting the flame flutter into life.

But when nothing happened for a moment, she remarked: "Shoddy work, Eli" – right before the cannon exploded, sending them both sprawling backwards.

As the paramedics rushed to the property, Eli insisted: "It was just supposed to blow confetti, but it backfired!"

Shocked fans immediately flocked to Twitter to share their fright at the explosion, with one posting: "Saw that coming a mile away and still jumped haha! #Casualty."

Someone else posted: "A gender reveal cannon? What could possibly go wrong???"

"This is going to go horribly wrong, isn't it?" another viewer predicted, as someone else simply penned: "KABOOM!"

A fifth agreed: "Could see that gender reveal cannon going wrong from a mile off, but still jumped out of my seat when it happened!"

Elsewhere in the episode, fans were left fuming as they spotted a major "plot fail" between Jan and Ffion.

Ffion had been left with an injured shoulder and a nail in her foot – but doctors later discovered a mass in her breast.

But despite the tense outcome, some viewers were simply confused that a breast exam would have been performed during treatment for such an acute injury.

Taking to social media, one tweeted: "Hold on. Shoulder injury and a nail in the foot. How the heck does that involve a breast exam? #PlotFail #Casualty."

Someone else echoed: "She had a nail through her foot & an injured shoulder, why was Dylan examining her breasts? #Casualty."

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