Casualty fans' burning questions as Euros push BBC soap off air for an entire month

CASUALTY will be off air for a month as the soap faces scheduling changes due to Euro 2020.

The soap won’t be airing in its usual slot on Saturday, June 19 and isn’t likely to be back on screen until early July. Here are all the burning questions we’ve been left with…

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What is Fenisha going to do?

Viewers know that Ethan has been encouraging Fenisha to get back together with her ex-fiancé Matthew in recent weeks following his shock arrival. 

But Fenisha's love life was thrown into chaos when she discovered from Rash that Ethan is madly in love with her.

Fenisha quickly realised that Ethan was only encouraging her reunion with Matthew because he’s worried about his Huntington’s. 

What does the future hold for the couple?

Is Ethan deteriorating?

Last week saw Ethan suffer another chorea episode from his Huntington’s. 

He was terrified when he dropped baby Bodhi as he suffered an involuntary spasm. 

The incident left Ethan fearing that his condition was deteriorating, but will his secret be uncovered and his future as a medic be jeopardised? 

What’s wrong with Ollie?

Ollie has been unwell for weeks in the soap but nobody has been able to put their finger on what exactly is wrong with him. 

Last week, however, saw Rash begin to suspect that Rosa is poisoning Ollie when he was rushed back into the ED with more mysterious symptoms.

Is Rash correct or could there be something else going on with Ollie?

Will Rosa be exposed?

It all kicked off last week as David confronted Rosa when she tried to force Ollie to drink some water in the hospital. 

David burst and accused Rosa of poisoning Ollie in front of everyone, before suggesting she’d killed her late son Gabriel too. 

Rosa looked distraught as David ordered her to stay away from his son, but has he got the wrong end of the stick?

What’s going to happen to Lev?

Casualty have confirmed that Lev’s story will be revisited when the soap returns later in the summer.

Viewers saw him happy with his new partner Xander in recent scenes after Faith outed him to his colleagues. 

But their happiness was short-lived as a burst of anger made clear that Lev is still not comfortable with being gay.

Will Lev come to terms with his sexuality in the coming weeks?

Casualty is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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