The Cast Of 'New Girl' Is Almost As Sad About The Series Finale As I Am

After seven long years of laughs, tears, breakups, makeups, and games of True American, we’re saying goodbye to New Girl. On May 15, 2018, the final episode of the Fox series aired, and TBH, I’m not sure what to do with myself. Lucky for me, I’m far from alone — it seems like the cast feels the same way. 

In 2018, following one show for seven whole seasons is rare, but New Girl made it feel easy. Maybe that’s why this finale is hitting fans so hard.

What other show quite like New Girl do we have left? You know, the sort of show that makes us feel like we’re hanging with friends. The tenants of the loft were my pals! Jess and Nick’s relationship timeline was more interesting than any of my IRL friends. I still wanna read The Pepperwood Chronicles!

Listen, I’m sure the show’s genius stars are going to move on to do brilliant things… hell, Schmidt — sorry, Max Greenfield — is already set to star in the new CBS series, The Neighborhood. However, when I scrolled through the cast’s social media accounts, they seemed just as weepy about the end of the show as I am. Okay, almost as weepy…

Jake Johnson gave a touching shout-out to the show’s creator, Liz Meriwether, and thanked her for casting him even when the studio wasn’t sure. Honestly, Jake is Nick and Nick is Jake. We can’t imagine this character played by any other guy.

Lamorne Morris has always tweeted along with fans before a new episode aired and now, well, ugh. We’ll just leave this here.

Here’s Johnson tearing at our heartstrings again:

Meriwether shared the sweetest throwback to Season 1, and it was a stark reminder of how much we’ve all grown up with this show. 

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More first season…

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More first season…

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Hannah Simone shared a photo with Johnson, and pointed out that it took seven seasons for them to shoot a solo scene together. Wow, I guess she’s right. 

“After many many New Girl episodes, Cece and Nick finally had a their first scene written together,” Simone captioned the sweet post. “Over the years we developed a silent relationship based on simple heads nods and safe distance but deep down I believe we had a true friendship where he girded his heart loins as much as his actual loins.”

You guysssss!

And from the queen of the loft herself, Zooey Deschanel, came a post that made me want to sob: “I spent more time with this guy than my family for much of the last 7 years,” Deschanel wrote alongside a pic of Johnson and herself. “It’s a good thing he is such a great friend and always keeps me laughing. Forever grateful!”


We’re not crying, you’re crying. Goodbye, New Girl.

Until the reunion episodes in 10 years… just kidding, but also, can someone make that happen?

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