Carol Vorderman takes brutal swipe at Loose Women seven years after abrupt exit

Carol Vorderman vowed she had no intention of returning to the Loose Women panel this week, almost seven years after she quit the daytime show.

A Loose Women fan page ran a poll to figure out which panelists viewers would like to see returning to the famous ITV studio.

Sharing an image of the 60-year-old radio star from her time as one of the Loose Women, the poll asked: "Would you like to see @carolvorders return to the show?"

As of Tuesday Morning, Carol received a majority of "yes" votes from fans, with 60% of users hoping she would make a spectacular comeback.

However, Carol was quick to slam the "no" button, as she re-shared the poll to her personal Instagram account.

Shutting down any speculation over a Loose Women return, she wrote: "I've answered that with a big NOOOOOO… I think that should do it."

The former Countdown maths whizz first joined the Loose Women panel in 2011, co-anchoring the show after Kate Thornton and Zoë Tyler's exit.

After three years of presenting, Carol suddenly announced her departure, abruptly leaving the show to travel the world.

In a statement released at the time, the Welsh starlet admitted she was finding it hard to juggle Loose Women's filming schedule with her other work commitments, claiming it would be "unfair" to continue with the show.

She said: "I am getting into the hard work for my planning and training to go round the world next year.

"In the first two years on Loose I did over 100 days a year but in the last year I have only managed just over 20 days because I kept having to cancel days due to other work commitments."

Carol then explained her writing commitments – publishing a Books for Kids series on everything from phonics to computer coding – were taking up most of her time.

She said: "I tried appearing just once a week up until Christmas and I just couldn't do it. I write a lot of educational books and have a big maths website so my time is spent with those too.

"I like to do things properly and it's unfair to commit to something half-heartedly."

The last time Carol was seen on the show was in 2018, when she confessed she would occasionally lock horns with co-star Carol McGiffin during filming.

Reminiscing over her stint as an anchor, Carol laughed: "I loved having rows with her!"

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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