'Candy' on Hulu: Episode 5 Recap, 'The Fight' — Was Candy Found Guilty?

Hulu’s Candy Episode 5, “The Fight” recap is the last and final piece to the Candy Montgomery (portrayed by Jessica Biel) story. Viewers watch Justin Timberlake go through the crime scene one last time as Sheriff Steve Deffibaugh. Jason Ritter accompanies the singer-songwriter as Deputy Denny Reese. Later in the episode, Don Crowder (Raúl Esparza) coaxes Candy through her perspective of how Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) died on June 13, 1980. Viewers finally find out the verdict in the true-crime drama depicting the actual events from Wylie, Texas.

‘Candy’ Episode 5 on Hulu recap: Justin Timberlake walks through the fight 

Episode 5 opens with Candy walking up to Betty Gore’s door. However, Deputy Denny Reese opens the door to Justin Timberlake as Sheriff Steve Deffibaugh. The two men walk through the possible scenario of how the alleged murder happened. They believe Mrs. Gore put up a fight by the gashes on her arms. 

The cause for the bruises on Candy’s legs is the ax coming down and hitting her legs. She also struck herself in the toe once. When she was done, she took a shower and tried to wipe up her mess with a towel. Her fingerprints were left in the blood. Then Candy walked out the door and left the baby crying for 13 hours. The men believe a guilty verdict is in order because they have Candy’s fingerprints, hair, and blood at the scene. The officers hope she pleads self-defense because she couldn’t win.

‘Candy’ Episode 5 on Hulu recap: The trial

In Candy Episode 5, outside the courtroom, the townpeople argue over why Candy killed Betty. Sherry (Jessie Mueller) is the only person who defends Candy. As the defendant walks into the courtroom in a blue dress, people yell, “murderer.” The judge repeatedly gives Candy’s attorney, Don Crowder, time in jail and fines for defying the court’s rules.  

When Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber) takes the stand, it sounds like he’s a character witness for Candy instead of defending his dead wife. He admits that he’s still friends with Candy. Betty Gore’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pomeroy (Rick Espaillat and Annie Cook), are appalled. It’s also evident that Allan moved on when he kisses Elaine (Jamie Anne Allman),

When Don Crowder questions Deputy Deffibaugh, they conclude there is no physical evidence that indicates that Betty Gore did not pick up the ax first. 

Candy Montgomery pleads not guilty, and the doctors use hypnosis to elicit what happened.

Later that night in Candy Episode 5, Candy and Pat Montgomery (Timothy Simons) have Sherry, her husband, and attorney Don Crowder over at their house. The lawyer explains that Candy killed Betty, but it was a dissociative reaction. She was “over-civilized” and controlled her whole life. The lawyer wants her to get on the stand after the doctors explain what happened. Candy is hesitant, but the lawyer insists she takes the stand. 

Next, Candy went to get the swimsuit from the washer, while Betty got a towel and some mints for Christina’s swim lesson later that day. However, Betty looked hurt, so Candy apologized and patted her arm, and then Betty pushed her into the utility room. They both stood close together with their hands on the ax. Then Betty said, “I’ve got to kill you.” 

Candy testified that she hit Betty one time and then ran for the door, but Betty wouldn’t let her out. Candy testified that she tried to get out twice and didn’t want Allan. They both heard the baby crying, so Betty “shushed” her. That’s when Candy didn’t think about what she was doing and just hit her repeatedly. However, Candy felt like she wasn’t even there. She stood back and watched herself do it. 

Betty Gore never got a chance to tell her side of the story

In Candy Episode 5 on Hulu, the scene with the ax becomes hard to watch as the blood sprays everywhere. Betty is there in the courtroom the entire time Candy tells the story.

Then Betty says, “That’s your story.” As much as viewers want Betty to elaborate, the producers point out that only Candy got a chance to tell her story. 

Then the state asks if Candy has had any other affairs before Allan or since Allan. She admits she was with another man in late 1970. However, she won’t give the man’s name. The judge continually overrules Don Crowder’s objections. Then Candy tells Pat that she’s been with another man after Allan. He’s so upset, but viewers find out that he remained with Candy for several more years after the trial. 

“We, the jury, find the defendant not guilty,” the judge reads in a disapproving tone.

Betty yells, “She left my baby.” Then the story ends. Viewers find out through a text update that 

Allan married Elaine shortly after the trial. Six years after the trial, Don Crowder ran for governor of Texas. Additionally, Candy relocated, changed her name, and started a new life as a mental health counselor. 

All five episodes of Candy are now available for streaming on Hulu.

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