Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte star shares family link to Princess Margaret

Bridgerton star Golda Rosheuvel has revealed a secret family connection she has to the late Princess Margaret.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley this morning – ahead of the brand new Netflix series which airs on 25th March – the actress and singer, 52, confirmed that her mother enjoyed an exclusive dinner with the royal icon when she visited Barbados some years ago.

"I've read that in some way, shape or form, you're channelling the late Princess Margaret?" host Richard wondered.

"Not Princess Margaret!" Golda confirmed. "I'm channelling my mother who met Princess Margaret at one time. I think in Barbados, she met Margaret."

Susanna then asked the Netflix star: "Did you know very much about that meeting? Because it feels like your family has been touched by royalty."

Golda laughed: "Well, I don't know about that!

"It was a meeting of great minds when Margaret came to Barbados and dignitaries that my mother and my uncle – my great uncle – knew, wanted to have important people of the time, of the area at this dinner."

Despite admitting to being unable to reveal much from the inside of the upcoming series, Golda told GMB viewers that as usual, Queen Charlotte would be providing over the social season, determined to uncover everyone's favourite gossip, Lady Whistledown.

However, she also revealed that she did not expect the almighty reaction from Bridgerton fans when the show initially aired back in December 2020 – breaking a TV record after being viewed by 82 million households in the first month.

"We were doing a little show about a single mum with eight kids," she joked. "…who were trying to navigate society – a society that had gossip, romance – but then we quickly found out on Christmas Day how wonderfully everybody reacted, it was great.

"Bridgeton – Julia Quinn's books – already had the Brazilian following, which we were warned about. They're mad about the books in Brazil.

"But it manifests itself with lots of lovely people messaging me on social media constantly, but I think when you have a fan-base as strong as the books do, for them to welcome you into the world in a positive way is really great."

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