Bosch Legacy actress shares Madison Lintz’ reaction to LAPD training on set ‘hysterical’

Bosch Legacy sees the story of former police detective Harry Bosch (played by Titus Welliver) continue after deciding to leave the force. The Amazon Prime Video series saw not only the return of Bosch himself but his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) as well who is now pursuing a career as a police officer. As Maddie must learn all of the necessary skills needed for the profession, so did Lintz and her co-star Denise Sanchez.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Bosch Legacy.

Actress Denise Sanchez joined the cast of Bosch Legacy as LAPD officer Reina Vasquez.

She has been tasked with training Maddie, teaching her the ropes from the very beginning and due to her relation to Bosch, Reina has high hopes for her trainee.

So far, there have been various scenes showing how she is getting to grips with this new challenging career which hasn’t always been easy.

But it was also a task for actresses Lintz and Sanchez who were being instructed behind the scenes by real-life former police officers to ensure the show is as realistic as possible.

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Speaking to, Sanchez revealed that learning how to be an officer on set was nowhere near as glamorous as it is portrayed on the show.

“I know, she [Lintz] could tell that I was very nervous the first few episodes,” she said.

“You’ve got to remember all of these tactical things.

“The LAPD retired officers were on set to make sure that we were saying the jargon right, that we were holding our pistols correctly, that we were moving our body the way a police officer would.”

Sanchez continued: “It was kind of great because this was her first time also playing an officer.

“So we were learning together and I literally remember her being like, ‘You know what? We’re just firing off new neurons in our bodies, we’re learning something new. Let’s just do this with humour.’

“First of all, I was having this mask of being a police officer, I have to have the stiff face.

“But in between takes she was like, ‘Let that go. This is funny. Like, this is hysterical’.

“We can’t figure out how to handcuff somebody, like whatever.

“We’re going to do some takes where it doesn’t work and that’s fine.

“So I think her giving me that reassurance really helped me just be like, okay, Denise, relax.”

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Bosch Legacy is by far actress Sanchez’s most significant acting role to date as a series regular.

Prior to this, she has also been in Voodoo Vanessa, Criminal Minds, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Adam Ruins Everything.

Back in 2019, Sanchez had a small recurring part in the sitcom The Good Place on ABC.

Last year, she went on to play Alicia in Mayans MC on FX for three episodes.

There are just two more episodes of Bosch Legacy season one before it’s done and dusted with.

These will be called Cat Got A Name? and Always/All Ways which will come out on Friday, May 27.

There is going to be plenty more to come though as the drama has already been renewed for season two.

Bosch Legacy is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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