Bobby Norris ‘lost for words’ after wrestling in lube for new show Apocalypse Wow

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If you’ve ever tuned into The Only Way is Essex, you’ll know Bobby Norris is rarely speechless.

But Bobby admits that new ITV2 show Apocalypse Wow left him “lost for words” after he was forced to wrestle a man in a pool of lube (Yes, you read that right!).

The 34-year-old signed up to the brilliantly bonkers new series, which sees him and a line-up of other reality stars taking on a series of epic but hilarious physical challenges in a bid to win cash for charity.

However, after entering the programme’s 'Torture Dome', where the crazy challenges take place, the reality of what they were being asked to do hit home.

In our exclusive chat, Bobby laughs: “It was one of the most surreal and bizarre experiences of my life! I know how mad it was to film, so I'm excited to see how it comes across on screen.”

Continuing to reminisce about some of the outrageous tasks he and the other stars had to take on, Bobby explains: “A lot of the time you're lost for words.”

And Bobby says there was one in particular that sticks out in his mind – a wrestling match with a memorable twist.

Bobby explains: “The most surreal of all is this guy called Jesus who's in this paddling pool ring, full of lube.

“I get into Jesus' ring, covered in lube, and he picks me up and spins me around.

“He's a wrestler and I'm not much of a wrestling fan – I know nothing about it – so that was strange. I was quite speechless when I managed to escape from Jesus' ring!”

But that’s not all that’s in store for viewers of the new entertainment series, hosted by AJ Odudu and Hey Tracey’s Donna Preston.

Bobby continues: “The challenges were so out there – at one point I had my head down the toilet while I'm trying to pick out pieces of chicken tikka with just my teeth.

“In another one I go head to head with a mermaid to see who can hold their breath the longest.”

While later in the series Bobby faces one of his biggest fears head on.

He reveals: “For the final challenge, they take the celebrity up in this human piñata and dangle them from this huge height. And it's scary!

“It was filmed in a massive dome, which was so high and I'm terrified of heights. It was absolutely terrifying. But I'm on a quest to face my fears and phobias. Have I faced them? Yes! Have I conquered them? Absolutely not!”

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