Blake Lively Is A ‘Psychopath’ In Insane First Look At ‘A Simple Favor’

Gird your loins, because both Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are going to thrill you in ‘A Simple Favor’.

Are you ready to see a dark side of Blake Lively? In the first trailer for A Simple Favor, which showed at CinemaCon, her character, Emily, is a walking mystery. She meets polar opposite Stephanie, portrayed by Anna Kendrick, but is pretty cold at first. In one scene in particular Stephanie takes Emily’s picture, which she promptly asks her to erase. Stephanie suggests that Emily doesn’t have a lot of friends like her, and Emily immediately tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t want to be her friend. Yikes.

When Emily goes missing, Stephanie seems to be the only one interested in finding her. Even Emily’s husband (Henry Golding) doesn’t seem concerned — though that might be because he appears to have an eye for Stephanie. During her search for her so-called friend, Stephanie speaks to a woman who knew Emily when she was younger and warns Stephanie that there is nothing in Emily’s past that she wants to dig up. She’s right.

What’s more interesting is that the trailer alludes to Stephanie actually ending up with Emily’s husband, in some capacity. At one point Stephanie and her son are having dinner with Emily’s husband and their son, when the boy reveals she saw his mom that day. “She told me to say hi to Stephanie,” the boy says happily as she looks on completely stunned. Awkward!

A Simple Favor looks like it will have lots of fun twists and turns to follow as the mystery of Emily unfolds. We can’t wait to see it when it hits theaters September 14, 2018!

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