Bizarre moment Jeremy Kyle hears squeaking sofa which ‘proves’ boyfriend cheated

The ITV host has seen a lot in his time hosting The Jeremy Kyle Show – from tantrums to stage invasions – but the sound of a squeaking sofa to prove a cheating boyfriend take the biscuit.

Jeremy spoke to Emilly, who recorded the sound of her creaking sofa to show the audience what she heard after she and her boyfriend Richie had an argument – and she was determined the sound came from a naughty liaison with another woman while she was upstairs.

Emilly told Jeremy she and Richie had a fight at around 6pm, so she went upstairs to go to bed and clear her head.

But later she was awoken by the sound of the squeaking sofa and was sure her beloved had been cheating.

She went downstairs and said Richie was pretending to be asleep when she opened the door, as the sound of her on the stairs had alerted him to her presence.

But Emilly was sure he had cheated as "the room smelt of sex" as well as sweat and his feet, and there was a woman sitting in the room when she came down.

Jeremy called for the production team to play the clip, which heard Emilly bouncing the sofa with rapid motions to mimic the sound she heard on that night.

The host could not believe his ears, and his eyes widened as his head bobbed up and down to the rhythms of the sofa.

He shouted:" Could we have that again, I love that!"

Emilly and the studio audience laughed heartily at the noises and Jezza’s reaction, and he called for the clip to be played again, this time including the video of Emilly’s hands working the arm of the sofa.

Jeremy then tried to make sure he had the details of Emilly’s story straight, adding that one aspect of it confused him.

He said: "Excuse me, but if you’re in the middle of introducing the ferret to a woman, between coming down the stairs from there to there, it would be pretty difficult to be completely sorted and sitting up like that, wouldn’t it?"

Emilly claimed this was due to his having not fully undressed, while Richie said while he had cheated on her a couple of times, this was not one of the occasions.

Richie did not take a lie detector test and after he got a roasting from Emilly’s sister and best friend, the former couple decided they would try to get along as parents, despite no longer being in a relationship.

The Jeremy Kyle Show airs from 9.25am weekdays on ITV.

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