Billy exposes Adam and Habiba's affair in EastEnders

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) goes to desperate measures to protect Honey (Emma Barton) from her new partner Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes), but will he be believed in EastEnders?

While Honey was enjoying life moving into her new flat with Adam, Billy took her aside to reveal how Adam was having an affair with Habiba Ahmed behind her back.

After choosing not to believe him, Billy decides to tell Honey’s grandparents Mariam and Arshad about the affair in a last chance bid to protect her.

But will they believe him? Or could this drive him further away from Honey, despite being the truth, for going behind her back? recently caught up with Habiba actress Rukku Nahar about the affair, who said: ‘We’ve just got to keep watching to find out whether it’s just a crush or if she takes a little bit further.

‘I know there’s been teases when it comes to seeing her and Adam, and there’s been a little kiss, so we’ll see if that’s going to develop.’

The episodes air on Thursday 20 June on BBC One.

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