'Big Sky' Season 2 Review: The Far-Fetched Writing Continues, but Viewers Can't Look Away

When Big Sky Season 1 opened with the death of Ryan Phillippe’s character by a local sheriff, ABC viewers were shocked and appalled, however, after a review the season 2 ratings are still high. In the first season, Rick Legarski died, but in Big Sky Season 2, he suddenly has a twin brother, Wolf Legarski, portrayed by the same actor — John Carroll Lynch. Nearly every episode prompts viewers to debate how probable a new far-fetched scenario is.

In the Dec. 16 winter finale, Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty) stole an RV from a gas station in the middle of the day, but local law enforcement never caught him. The plot holes and far-fetched writing continues to build, but many fans continue to watch — why are viewers still hooked to Big Sky Season 2, let’s review?

When does ‘Big Sky’ return in 2022?

Big Sky Season 2 makes its return for 2022 on Feb. 24. The new episode opens with a distraught Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury). In the Dec. 16 episode of the drama based on The Highway book series, Ronald Pergman killed Cassie’s father, Joseph Dewell (Jeffrey Joseph). Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) offers to help Cassie seek revenge on the killer; however, the two women do not know it’s Ronald. Instead, a clip of each suspect flashes across the screen — Ren (Janina Gavankar), Wolfgang Legarski, and Ronald Pergman. 

Big Sky Season 2 winter finale review: far-fetched scenarios abound

In Big Sky Season 2 Episode 8, Ronald steals a massive RV from a convenience store and gets away. Then he strolls through town unnoticed and stops at Dewell & Hoyt. He even takes the vehicle through a drive-thru. The entire situation with the RV is unbelievable, but the law enforcement in the Montana town has been sketchy since the show began, so maybe that’s part of it? Although the RV isn’t an excellent choice for a getaway vehicle, it’s not exactly fast. However, that’s not the only thing that feels odd. 

“The guy in the basement was near death the night before, but the next morning, he’s perfectly fine because four kids played Operation,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

The Redditor is referring to Creary (Ryan De Quintal), who viewers know as “the lurker” or “the bearded guy” that tries to protect the four teens. Somehow, they saved him from near death. The same fan also pointed out the situation with Bridger (Jeremy Ray Taylor), and his Karate sensei was off, too.

“The Karate sensei unlocks the door, lets the crazy lady into the dojo, and brings a katana to a gunfight,” the Redditor added.

When ‘Big Sky’ Season 2 returns in 2022, it’s still worth the watch

Now that Big Sky Season 2 moved to Thursdays following two Shondaland shows, maybe it’s not so far-fetched. Grey’s Anatomy fans recall when Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) cut Denny Denny Duquette’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) LVAD wire to bump him up on the heart transplant list. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) stole a child, and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) operated on a patient to hide Preston Burke’s (Isaiah Washington) hand tremor. Thursday night on ABC has its fair share of far-fetched plotlines. 

What keeps viewers coming back for more Big Sky? The plot twists and turns might be unbelievable, but it does make for jaw-dropping television. Isn’t everyone looking for an escape from real life when they watch a drama, anyway? 

According to ABC, Big Sky Season 2 Episode 9 returns on Feb. 24, 2022.

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