‘Big Brother 20’ Week 11 Spoilers: Level 6 Makes Plan For Double Eviction

Ready or not, the double eviction is coming this Thursday.

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

The season’s first, and probably only, double eviction is set to occur this Thursday on Big Brother. While the houseguests are unaware that the double eviction is taking place in just a few days, they are preparing just in case Julie Chen delivers that fateful news. The “Level 6” alliance has been planning a course of action for this Thursday believing they will most certainly be evicting two people.

Big Brother Network documented many of the conversations between the power alliance yesterday, and a plan seems to be set. Kaycee Clark asked the other members of her alliance who should go up for the double, giving that one of them wins the Head of Household competition. Angela Rummans said JC Mounduix and Sam Bledsoe should be the two nominees, as Haleigh Broucher should be well on her way out of the house in the first eviction.

When asked who the replacement nominee would be if either Sam or JC won the Power of Veto, Angela said it did not matter since they had the numbers to evict whoever they wanted to anyway. JC or Sam winning the HOH or POV is unlikely as the two houseguests have one competition win all season between them.

If JC or Sam was pulled off the block, Angela suggested the rest of the houseguests draw straws for who goes up as the replacement nominee. Brett Robinson felt that Tyler Crispen should go on the block as a replacement nominee because he hasn’t felt the heat of being up there this season. Tyler has, in fact, been on the block but it was for a short amount of time after Haleigh nominated him as the hacker. Tyler was removed by Angela after a POV win, so the lifeguard has never been in the hot seat come eviction night.

For now, JC is planning on nominating Angela if he walks away with the HOH after the first eviction on Thursday. He has shared this plan with Tyler, who is in a noticeable showmance with the model. Tyler is furious at JC’s plan, but he shouldn’t have much to worry about since JC has not won a competition, or came even close to winning, the entire season.

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