The Big Bang Theory showrunner says "yes" he expects season 12 to be the last

The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland seems to believe that the series will end for good next year.

The 12th season was picked up by CBS as part of a huge two-year deal with The Big Bang Theory cast back in 2017, and has always been tipped as a potential ending point for the Emmy-winning comedy.

While nothing is set in stone, writer-producer Steve Holland gave a rather definitive answer when TVLine asked if he’s looking at next year as The Big Bang Theory‘s swansong.

“Until I hear differently, yes,” he admitted. “I know we have next season, but I don’t know what happens beyond that.

“And it’s not my decision to make. So all I can do is go forward with next season and make it great.”

Holland pointed out that the Big Bang Theory crew expect to know fairly soon if season 12 ends up being the last, in order to give fans the definitive ending that they deserve.

“We’re not leaving anything on the table in season 12,” he promised. “If there are stories we want to do, we will put them out there and see what happens.”

Before we get to season 12, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) will tie the knot in a long-awaited wedding finale that features guest appearances from Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill, Kathy Bates and Jerry O’Connell as Sheldon’s brother Georgie.

The Big Bang Theory wraps up season 11 on Thursday (May 10) on CBS in the US. In the UK, the sitcom continues on E4.

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