BGT fix claims in full as ex-star says she was set up to fail with song choice

Former Britain’s Got Talent star Hollie Steel has made claims that the show was fixed while she was on it. Holly was only 10 when she appeared on the show in 2009.

The young singer wowed the nation with her stunning classical singing voice, and she even made it all the way to the final of the competition.

Hollie sadly missed out on winning the show after bursting into tears in the middle of her performance during the semi-final.

Instead, street dance troupe Diversity were crowned that year’s champions.

Hollie has now taken to TikTok to open up about her time on the show, leading to many questioning whether the talent competition has been fixed the whole time.

How was Hollie Steel fixed to lose?

Hollie sang the song Eidelweiss from The Sound of Music during the semi-final, but she broke down in tears mid-song in a heartbreaking moment.

Hollie has since made shocking claims that she was set up to fail by producers of the show who dictated what she could and couldn’t sing.

Speaking about being made to sing Eidelweiss, she said it “wasn't a song I'd ever heard of before”.

She claimed: "I wanted to sing Nessun Dorma [by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini], like a massive opera song, like BAM, I'm here."

She continued: "I knew I could sing it, I said I knew I was strong enough and they [producers] said no."

Hollie believes that show bosses didn’t want her to win the competition, and that’s why they wouldn’t let her choose her own song.

She said: "They were like, 'no, you can't sing that' and the only reason why I think they said no – because I was definitely able to sing it – was that they didn't want me to win."

Despite her loss, Hollie doesn’t believe that the entire show is a fix.

"It wasn't Britain's Got Talent's fault, they don't fix it, but the song choices are fixed," she claimed.

A source familiar with the show pointed out that Hollie picked her own song – Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from Phantom Of The Opera – for the final, and said producers would never "force" an act to perform a song they didn't want to sing.

Other claims BGT is a fix

Over the years BGT has faced many accusations that the show is fixed.

Recently, fresh fix claims were sparked after magician Keiichi Iwasaki appeared on the show and was given a Golden Buzzer by Ant and Dec.

Fans were not pleased to find out that the Japanese magician had already auditioned for three shows in the Got Talent franchise in other countries.

BGT has also come under fire for letting professional acts take part in the show.

These have included Greatest Showman singer Loren Allred and comedian Axel Blake, who already has his own show on Amazon Prime. Both were given a Golden Buzzer.

However, Simon Cowell has hit back at claims that there are too many professionals on the show.

The judge told The Sun: "This year, there are less professional people. That's where we started the show all those years ago.

"We started by opening the show to anyone regardless of a day job or hidden talent that they want to show to the world.

"This is the place to do it and thank God that's the show it's evolved into. We don't really have any rules on it."

Daily Star has approached BGT for comment.

*Britain's Got Talent continues Saturday at 8pm on ITV

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