Ben Shephard tells off Tipping Point contestant for ‘passing questions quickly’

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Ben Shephard dished out a helpful warning to Monday's Tipping Point contestant Donna who had a unique strategy when it came to the quick-fire round.

Donna decided to "pass" as soon as she heard the question which was based on the assumption that she wouldn't know the answer early on.

After the round had finished, Ben wanted to offer up some words of wisdom.

He said: "You answered a couple quite quickly and passed a few quite quickly.

"If you'd waited to the end you might have got that. It was France."

Donna's plan of action did, however, work and she managed to knock out Paige – bagging herself £900 in the first round.

Later, Donna came up against Chris who had already dominated the game so far.

Chris had landed some great answers in the first half of the show.

He also came up trumps with drop zone two, taking a clear lead in the game with £1300 in the bank.

The game became tense between Donna and Chris when they graciously went head-to-head.

However, it was Chris who triumphed and went sailing through to the final round.

Luck certainly came into play, with Chris making a number of guesses that kept him in the race for the jackpot.

However, the silver star counter just wasn't playing ball today.

Ben said: "Given, where the counter is and the fact you've already turned your back on it already, I think I know what you're going to answer but I have to ask the question anyway.

"Are you going to take three more counters to play for £10,000 or are you going to take the money?"

Chris responded: "I'm going to take the money thanks, Ben."

He left the show with a hefty £3,650 that he planned to put towards a trip to Australia.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV.

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