Ben Shephard stunned as Tipping Point contestant makes unbelievable blunder and claims India is the capital of Indonesia

TIPPING Point host Ben Shephard was left stunned after a contestant claimed the capital of Indonesia was India.

Player Madi claimed the country – which has a population of 1.4billion – was inside the island nation and the presenter couldn't resist a smirk.

During yesterday's installment, Madi was asked by Ben during a speed round: "What is the capital city of the Asian nation Indonesia?"

To which she answered in a panic: "Erm, India?".

However that wasn't the only mishap the contestant faced in her round as she failed to get any coins in the bank after she answered none of the questions correctly.

Ben said: "Oh Madi, you got nothing in the bank. You got no correct answers in there. Asian nation of Indonesia – what capital city?

"That was a guess," responded Madi. "I couldn't think."

To which Ben smirked and added: "What India? Yeah, Jakarta was what we were after".

The blunder caused many to take to Twitter to weigh-in on the geographical mishap.

One viewer penned: "Lol I’m Watching #tippingpoint and the Ben asked the girl what’s the name of Indonesia’s Capital Her answer was India."

"India, the capital of Indonesia, I've heard it all now #tippingpoint," another wrote.

A third commented: "India is capital of Indonesia – she has truly made George look like Einstein #tippingpoint."

"India is apparently the capital city of Indonesia #tippingpoint," another chimed in.

Last week, Ben teared up on the show as contestant Clive won £20,000 – the biggest jackpot in the show's history.

In the eight years the ITV game show has been running, Clive is the only one to tip over a double jackpot token in the final round to bag the maximum prize.

And he was bowled over by his achievement, telling Ben: "I am knocked over. Thank you so much."

Emotional Ben said: "Clive, I have stood in front of this machine over a thousand times. The only time that has happened was when it was on a tray that didn’t get taken.

"Clive, you’ve done it. I can’t believe you have done it!"

The pair hugged, before the prizewinner admitted: "I am welling up."

"How does that feel Clive?" asked Ben. A teary Clive answered: "Fantastic."

While the show might have been a re-run from earlier in the year, it's impact was still felt by viewers.

One wrote: "Oh my goodness, anyone else bawling at Clive on #tippingpoint winning with £20k? I’m as emotional as Clive and @benshephard What a lovely gracious and well deserving contestant xx."

Another posted: "Awwwww made up for you Clive £20k enjoy! #[email protected]@TippingPointITV."

A third said: "what a result, well done Clive."

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