Bella Ramsey admits to ‘cheating’ during emotional Last of Us scenes

The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey reveals she uses 'tear stick' to cry

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Last of Us on HBO.

Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) had to face another gut-wrenching scenario in the second instalment of HBO’s The Last of Us. When Tess (Anna Torv) revealed she was infected, she sacrificed herself amid a hoard of clickers and other undead to ensure Joel and Ellie could continue with their mission outside the QZ.  Emotions were sky-high as Joel and Ellie realised they had to say goodbye to their ally, but it now turns out Ramsey has a trick to bring her character’s feelings to the screen.

Ramsey admitted she feels like she “cheats” when she uses a “tear stick” in order to get the waterworks going during emotional moments.

The former Game of Thrones star made the revelation while answering a series of questions in HBO’s YouTube featurette, Get To know Me.

“What is your most prized possession?” Ramsey quizzed her co-star to which he threw the question right back at her.

“A tear stick,” Ramsey emphatically replied, prompting a rather bemused response from Pascal.

“A tear stick? What’s that?” the former Narcos star replied before it dawned on him.

“Oh! That’s the stuff that makes you cry. It has like a vapour?” Pascal probed.

“It’s like menthol, it’s like a menthol in a stick,” Ramsey confirmed.  “And I knew this question was gonna come up at some point and I made a mental note to myself to remember that it’s the tear stick because it really is, it changed my life.”

The Joel star asked why before Ramsey admitted she feared it’d feel like “cheating”.

She replied: “Because I fought it for so long, I was like, ‘This is cheating if I use this to cry in a scene, this is not allowed.’ 

“And I fought it for so long…” she continued before Pascal weighed in: “It somehow enhances, it helps you have the real emotion.”

Ramsey clearly has no problem using it now, as she continued: “It’s the best! 

“Yeah, the tears produce emotion rather than the emotion producing the tears. It’s so good. That’s my most prized possession.”

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“Is it too late for me?” Pascal joked before Ramsey let him know: “To use a tear stick, you can borrow mine.”

“You need to give me that tear stick,” Pascal answered before the two moved on.

Ramsey’s “cheat” clearly works as it’s helped her bring the character of Ellie to life flawlessly.

Episode two may have provided plenty of tear-jerking moments, especially when Tess decided to take her own life, but Ellie will undoubtedly face many more if the series follows in the video game’s footsteps.

HBO has already released a promo for episode three and it confirms Joel and Ellie will cross paths with a potential new ally.

Nick Offerman will make his debut as fellow survivor Bill alongside Frank (Murray Bartlett).

Inevitably, chaos will ensue once Ellie and Joel cross their paths, with Joel even warning “raiders” will knock on his door “armed”.

But will Joel, Ellie, Frank and Bill be able to see off any opposition in episode three or could Ramsey need to call on her “tear stick” once again for an emotional exit?

The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO in the USA and Mondays on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. 

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