Beat The Chasers’ Mark Labbett points out ‘distraction’ of quiz show: ‘An absolute tyrant’

The Chase: Contestant calls Mark Labbett ‘Paul’

Mark, 55, also known as The Beast, is known for being one of the most formidable quizmasters on The Chase as he always takes the game seriously and does not like it if he loses to the contestants. However, for Beat The Chasers, the general knowledge guru is joined by four of his fellow brainiacs including Paul Sinha, 50, Jenny Ryan, 38, Anne Hegerty, 62, and Shaun Wallace, 60. Although they might distract each other as they all battle to be the first one to answer the questions, it seems something else in the ITV studio diverts Mark’s attention.

Hosted by Bradley Walsh, 60, the spin-off sees a contestant chose whether to play up to two or five Chasers, the more they play against, the more money up for grabs.

However, this comes with a disadvantage as the clock on the wall begins to cut the time the player has to answer the questions.

As the head-to-head round gets underway, the countdown begins but the first person to run out of time ends up losing the money, whether it be the contestant or the Chasers.

On a number of occasions in series one, the quizmasters found themselves defeated as their timer ran out first.

It seems this is a major distraction for The Beast as he said: “We’ve learnt not to look at the clock.”

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“If you look at the clock you’re distracted, you’re not really concentrating. That clock is an absolute tyrant,” Mark explained.

Though, working out how to coordinate with his other Chasers has taken time as the quizmaster explains: “This is the best team we’ll ever play on.

“Most of us are used to being the top player on the team we’re on. Here, if we don’t know there’s every chance one of our colleagues does.

“If you don’t know, let somebody else make the guess. We really have thought about how to maximise our accuracy to minimise the chance of us making mistakes.”

It’s an absolute tyrant

Mark Labbett

“Obviously, if you know the answer, hit the button,” The Beast star continued.

“But it’s what to do if you sort of know. Generally, the rule is we try and leave it to the person whose speciality it is to confirm it.

“That’s the art form of guessing/knowing and who/when should hit the buzzer. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong.

“For us, the cardinal sin in this situation is to buzz in and then think of the answer. While you’re having a nice long think, your teammates know the answer.”

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Unfortunately, despite appearing on new episodes of The Chase, Darragh Ennis, won’t be making an appearance on Beat The Chasers.

According to an ITV spokesperson, this is because of scheduling clashes and if a third series of the spin-off show is commissioned, he could then sit alongside his fellow Chasers.

The first series aired last April, with the episodes being filmed before the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to filming.

It was a rating success as 5.7 million viewers tuned in to see all five quizmasters working together for the first time.

Speaking of the show’s success, The Governess star Anne said: “We thought it would go down well but the ratings were just tremendous.

“I’m very glad that we got that under our belts before lockdown began – we filmed in late January and early February so it’s brilliant we got it in,” she told

Series two was filmed following the ease of lockdown measures during the summer last year, but protocols were followed to ensure everyone on set worked safely.

The latest instalments will air over seven consecutive nights starting from this evening.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. Beat The Chasers begins tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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