BBC’s Dan Walker hit with backlash over Michael Vaughan interview ‘Not the right person’

Strictly: Dan Walker heckles panel during show predictions

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The BBC journalist was accused of being the wrong person for the job following his conversation with sports commentator Michael Vaughan. The former cricketer has apologised ‘for all the hurt’ after Azeem Rafiq claimed he had made a racist comment to Asian players, though he denies these allegations. Dan Walker’s recent interview caused another debate around the scandal on social media.

Some viewers have suggested Naga Munchetty or Ian Wright would have been a more appropriate presenter to tackle Michael’s response to the scandal.

Presenter Dan put the sports pundit to task by recalling the comments Azeem accused him of making, as well as reading out some of his tweets.

Michael said he ‘regretted’ the tweets and found them ‘embarrassing’, and maintained they didn’t reflect the person he is now.

However, some viewers weren’t satisfied by the sports star’s apology and thought Dan should have gone further with his line of questioning.

Twitter user Ms MT said: “Should really have had @TVNaga01 or someone of colour who understands and knows racism, to interview @MichaelVaughan to ask the right questions, to prompt where necessary, rather [than] Dan who soft soaps around these issues.”

And LiveInHope agreed, adding: “@mrdanwalker should’ve told @MichaelVaughan that his tweets shown in the interview were just as offensive, racist & unacceptable then as they are now!

“If Michael can’t see or accept that then it’s possible he’s “forgotten” or “unaware” of other offensive things he’s said!”

Although Mark Palfreeman argued: “Isn’t it a tad racist to think only people of colour understand the issue well enough to probe into it?”

While user Jonathan felt the interviewee handled the questioning well, saying: “Well said Michael. What is achieved by dragging up the past?

“That’s not going to change. But let’s change the future of cricket and the treatment of all players.”


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