BBC Breakfast interview turns tense as MP accuses Sally Nugent of ‘ignoring’ him

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BBC Breakfast turned incredibly tense on Tuesday morning during an interview with the UK Energy Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng.

Sally Nugent was quizzing the MP on rising fuel costs amid the impending energy crisis when he accused her of 'ignoring' him.

Sally was quizzing the minister on how the most vulnerable people will be protected this winter, as she asked: "So those vulnerable people that we're talking about will lose around £1,000 from October?"

Mr Kwarteng responded: "We've talked about this a great deal, particularly in government, and we're looking at ways to support the most vulnerable this winter-"

But Sally quickly pressed: "And what are they? In what ways?"

The MP seemed flustered as he responded: "Well, I've mentioned them, but you seem to ignore them. I mean, there's the Warm Home Discount, there's the winter fuel allowance, there are lots of ways. We've got the energy price cap, which I've maintained is going to stay…"

Things didn't end there, as Sally wondered what fuel prices could rise to, as Mr Kwarteng responded: "Look, I can't tell you what the gas prices are going to be, I can't tell you what the wholesale prices are going to be.

"I'd love to be able to inform you six months ahead of time what the energy prices will be."

Sally then asked: "Do you expect the gas prices to go down in six months time?"

And the MP snapped: "I don't know, I'm not a gas trader. I don't know where the gas prices will be in six months time."

The tension only increased when Sally raised an article written in The Times, which insisted people going into new jobs will be allowed to request home working from day one.

"Are you set to confirm that in the coming days?" she quizzed the government minister.

"I don't think that's something that we're going to confirm. I don't know where the story came from, but that's certainly not something that I wanted to pursue," Mr Kwarteng told her.

Viewers were quick to hop onto social media with their own impressions of the tense interview, with one writing: "When Kwasi Kwarteng comes on it would be good if the interviewer(s) could pin him down to giving some specific answers… he was on BBC Breakfast this [morning] and was slippery as a barrel of eels!"

"Like getting blood from a stone!" someone else complained.

BBC Breakfast airs every day from 6am on BBC One.

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