Axed Apprentice star eyes up Ann Summers career after creating ‘penis’ lollies

On the latest instalment of The Apprentice, Lord Sugar summoned the candidates to Alexandra Palace, North London’s iconic entertainment venue.

The entrepreneur revealed to them that for this week’s task they would be creating and selling their own range of ice lollies: one batch for the public, and one premium product for a corporate client.

While the girls' created a botanical-themed ice lolly for their client, Patch, a plant delivery company, the boys' team set about producing a pink ice lolly for top beauty brand, Spectrum.

Despite the client wanting glitter and the whole nine yards, the boys' team failed to deliver a high-end ice cream and ended up creating a glorified Mini Milk which looked better suited as a prop on an adult film.

The pink ice lolly – made of coconut milk and raspberries – failed the brief and the client admitting: "I think it looks a little bit rude if i'm honest.

"I can't agree with you that it's a premium product," she added.

With the sub team hoping to flog them for £3.50 a pop, they walked away with no sales.

And in the board room Lord Sugar likened the product to "medical waste".

Project manager Kenner Ngoma, who owns an ice cream company, was the second contestant to be fired from the show.

And despite not sticking around in the competition for long, he revealed he's already eyeing up a career change.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online about the phallic lollies that got him the boot, he said: "Someone tweeted me this week saying I was the most engaged candidate so far.

"I think that's done a lot for my personal point of view going forward.

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"Someone actually recommended me to throw Ann Summers parties.

"I think later tonight I'll get in contact with them," he chuckled.

The Apprentice airs on BBC One on Wednesdays at 9pm

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