Avengers Endgame theory: Fans LOVE this Iron Man Captain America connection, did YOU see?

Throughout the MCU, up until Avengers Endgame, both Iron Man and Captain America had quite a complicated relationship. But have you ever noticed that Tony Stark always tends to fight using hand-to-hand combat when in his Iron Man suit? This seems odd considering the sheer firepower of his body-covering weapon.

A popular new theory claims Tony does this because of his and his father’s admiration for Captain America.

Reddit user noobmaster69_is_loki argues: “Howard Stark has been a die-hard fan of Cap since Tony was a child. In Civil War, Tony even mentioned his dad talked about Cap for thousands of times. 

“So in the beginning when Tony and Cap first met, Tony was already using quite a lot of hand-to-hand combat, albeit he still prefers to use energy projections. 

“And the evolution of his fighting continues as they know one another more and more.”


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The theorist then went on to point out some evidence from across MCU movies.

They continued: “In the first Iron Man movie almost every attack orients around military weapons and energy projections (tank missiles, energy blasts). 

“In The Avengers Tony started fighting more on land (landing a blast reflection on Cap’s shield), he fought Hulk WWE style in Age of Ultron, and the famous fistfight in Civil War against Cap and Bucky. 

“At this point, Tony and Steve have already developed from a faint acknowledgement to a respectable rivalry against one another, so as a child that has always lived in the shadow of this unshakable symbol of righteousness, his style consistently evolves to catch up to his hero, but Tony will never admit it.”

They added: “This is why in Infinity War and Endgame Tony uses hand-to-hand combat and piercing weapons for the most part against some of the strongest alien forces like Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Thanos. 

“He wants to fight fair and square…just like Cap always did.

“And with the most advanced Earth-made suit in the world, Tony is able to analyse his opponent’s fight patterns and hold his own against some of the strongest foes in the Universe, all to show his worthiness to his childhood hero, and now his most trusted friend.”

Both Iron Man and Captain America have retired from the MCU since Avengers Endgame, but are they really gone?

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Well, Cap is technically still around, well past 100-years-old and looking remarkably like Joe Biden.

His fighting days may be over, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he cameoed in the upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

The Disney+ show follows Cap’s sidekicks in the aftermath of Avengers Endgame, with Sam Wilson now the new Captain America.

Meanwhile, Iron Man died to save the universe but Downey Jr hasn’t ruled out a return one day.

The 54-year-old made this clear in a number of interviews from earlier this year.

And there’s at least a couple of obvious ways Iron Man could one day return.

Firstly, there’s time travel and the multiverse, as already introduced to the franchise.

Secondly, he could return as Ironheart’s AI, just like in the Marvel comics.

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