Arrow casts an Agents of SHIELD star as a new foe for Oliver Queen

To say Marvel Studios have their fingers in a lot of pies would be an understatement, as their list of successful titles shows no signs of decreasing and their onscreen stars are branching out in all directions – even into the DC Comics world.

TV Line has now confirmed that Agents of SHIELD‘s very own Catherine Dent has joined the cast of Arrow.

Obviously a fan of the superhero playground, Dent will follow her portrayal of General Hale in SHIELD with that of Alexa Van Owen, a supposed ‘outside counsel’ in CW’s Arrow, which is nearing the finale of season 6.

Discussing the show’s impending finale, executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently said: “It definitely has a cliffhanger, but not a traditional cliffhanger.

“Last year’s finale was a traditional cliffhanger. It was very much an ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen?’. This is a different kind of cliffhanger.”

He added: “I would say it’s somewhere on the spectrum of the cliffhanger of season 1, which was like, ‘How is Oliver gonna go forward?’ and the cliffhanger of season 5, which was more of a traditional cliffhanger.

“This, I think, falls somewhere in the middle. We have a few surprises up our sleeves.

As well as SHIELD, you may have seen Catherine in shows like The Mentalist, The Shield and Fear the Walking Dead.

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