Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses Growing Anti-Semitism Calling It “The Path Of The Weak,” Says Those Who Embrace Hate Are “Broken”

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media today with a 12-minute video addressing the rising instances of hate crimes in America and, specifically, addressing those committing or considering committing them or anyone who hates others because of “their religion, or the color of their skin, or their gender.” His message is blunt, calling those who embrace hate “losers,” but also telling those same people, “I care about you,” and urging a different path.

“If you find yourself wondering if the path of hate might make sense to you for one reason or the other, or even wrapping yourself in the flag of hate, I want you to know where that path ends,” he said in the video.

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“I’ve seen enough people throw away their futures for hateful beliefs,” the actor and former California Governor says in the video, “so I want to speak to you before you find your regrets at the end of that path.”

Observing his own experience growing up in post-WWII Austria and also using the examples of the Civil War and Apartheid, Schwarzenegger contends, “There has never been a successful movement based on hate…Throughout history hate has always been the easier path. I mean it’s easier to find a scapegoat for a problem than to try and make things better ourselves, right? But let me be clear: You will not find success at the end of that road.”

The Terminator star described his own father and the other former German soldiers he saw growing up who, he said, turned to alcohol to try to soothe their pain: “They were all broken.”

“They fell for a horrible, loser ideology,” Schwarzenegger said. “They were lied to and misled into a path that ended in misery. They bought into the idea that the only way to make their lives better was to make other lives worse. It is the path of the weak.”

He continued, “Despite all the things we might disagree about, my friends might say, ‘Arnold, don’t talk to those people, it’s not worth it,’ I don’t care what they say. I care about you. I think you’re worth it. I know that nobody’s perfect. I understand how people can fall into the trap of prejudice and hate.”

“It’s easier to hate than it is to learn, it’s easier when somebody challenges you to get hurt feelings and to go find some echo chamber that will tell you you’re right and they’re wrong,” he said. “No matter how far you’ve gone, you still have a chance to choose a life of strength…You have to fight the war against yourself…The other path is easier. You don’t have to change anything, everything in your life that you aren’t happy about can be somebody else’s fault.”

But, he says, “It’s the path of the weak….You will end up broken. I don’t want you to go through all that.”

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