Angela Black: How many episodes are in the ITV thriller?

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Angela Black has been highly anticipated since it was announced the drama had been commissioned by ITV last October. The thriller stars Joanne Froggatt in the titular role, an actress who is best known for playing the protagonist in the television drama, Liar. Here is everything you need to know about how many episodes are going to be airing as the premiere gets ready to broadcast this evening.

How many episodes are in Angela Black?

Joanne will be starring alongside Michiel Huisman as the character of Oliver, the husband of Angela who loses his temper behind closed doors.

As she tries to make sense of what’s happening at home, she begins to be followed by a stranger, Ed Harrison (played by Samuel Adewunmi) and her world becomes a lot more dangerous.

The first episode is expected to play out for an hour and five minutes as viewers are introduced to the protagonists of the piece.

With the first instalment likely to be left on a cliffhanger, those watching at home shouldn’t fear this isn’t the last they will see of Angela.

In fact, there will be six episodes airing over the next month and a half, with the conclusion of the thriller set to broadcast mid-November.

Each episode is expected to be an hour-long, which is the usual format for drama airing on ITV, meaning the series will be six hours in total.

They will be broadcast every Sunday in the 9pm schedule slot as the themes of the show make it untenable for pre-watershed viewing.

The first instalment of the drama will be made available on the network’s main channel and will be put on the ITVHub shortly after.

Unlike other dramas which have aired in the last year, all six episodes aren’t likely to drop on the streaming platform after the first episode.

This was a concept ITV adopted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to give viewers a chance to watch the drama if they were enjoying it.

I am honoured

Joanne Froggatt

The series was filmed in London at the height of the coronavirus pandemic but the cast and crew adhered to strict health and safety guidelines.

Harry and Jack Williams have penned the drama following the success of some of their other shows including Liar, The Missing on BBC, and Fleabag.

True to fashion, their latest works follows the themes of mystery and intrigue as viewers question what is true and what is false.

It will turn out the stranger following Angela is a private investigator who informs her Oliver is hiding some secrets about his past.

What does Joanne Froggatt think of playing Angela Black?

Ahead of the first episode airing, Joanne has spoken out on what she thinks of the titular character and what it is like to play her.

The actress said: “I am honoured to be working with Two Brothers Pictures again and this important and timely story from the brilliant Harry and Jack Williams is like nothing I’ve read before.

“Angela is a complex and intriguing character and I hope audiences will be immediately drawn into her gripping, and sometimes heart-breaking journey, just as I was.”

The creators, Harry and Jack, added: “We are thrilled to be working again with the brilliantly talented Joanne.”

“And to have her joined by such amazing actors as Michiel and Samuel is more than we could have hoped for,” they continued.

“This script is unlike anything we’ve written before – and there’s no one better than Craig [Viveiros – executive producer] to bring this dark, Hitchcockian psychological thriller to life.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their initial thoughts on the show, with Mike saying: “Looking forward to #AngelaBlack starting on Sunday sounds really good stars @JoFroggatt from the makers of liar in which Joanne starred in the lead role @ITV.”

Morgane Le Fay added: “Omg that Angela Black on ITV looks so good – same actress as Liar isn’t it. Get that on series record matey.” [Sic]

Angela Black begins tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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