'And Just Like That…': 3 Major Complaints Fans of 'Sex and the City' Have About the Reboot…So Far

HBO Max released episode one and episode two of And Just Like That… on December 9. Viewers certainly have feelings about what they’ve seen so far, and not everyone is in complete agreement. Still, they are largely in agreement about a few reboot elements that don’t seem to sit right. Aside from the big episode one twist, these are three major issues fans have taken with the series so far.

[Spoiler alert: Major storyline spoilers for And Just Like That… ahead]

Carrie Bradshaw’s voiceovers were almost entirely absent from ‘And Just Like That…’ 

Carrie Bradshaw’s voiceovers became a beloved element of Sex and the City. During the show’s 94 episodes, Carrie offered fans 92 unique voiceovers. Only two episodes didn’t include Carrie’s musings. She didn’t offer a voiceover in the two-part season finale. Their absence was an important element of the storytelling, though. 

Hearing loss isn’t an uncommon problem, especially among people who work in loud professions. While it becomes more common in people as they age, hearing loss is not a problem just for the elderly. You wouldn’t know that based on And Just Like That…’s characterization of Steve. The reboot made him seem much older than his years and, frankly, frail. It appeared to strike a nerve with fans who rooted for the bartender. 

Miranda Hobbes is a shell of her former self 

Legal maverick, Miranda Hobbes, was the most self-assured and articulate of her friends. Like in her romantic relationship, her more rigid and ambitious personality provided interesting contrast against her friends, who were far more man-focused and timider. The Miranda fans received in And Just Like That… was a shell of the character fans fell in love with. 

Somewhere along the way, Miranda became awkward and incredibly out of touch. The legal wiz who grew up in Philadelphia and lived her entire adult life in New York City, behaved as if she had never interacted with people of color before. She allowed her 17-year-old son to enjoy a boisterous sex life in her house but freaked out over him smoking marijuana. The heavy-handed hints at a substance use disorder might explain all of that, but it still doesn’t sit well with fans, who expected to find a more articulate Miranda. 

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