Amanda Holden’s Channel 4 comedy series ‘axed’

The Holden Girls: Myrtle buys Amanda an inflatable costume

The Holden Girls: Mandy and Myrtle were given an eight-part first season which saw the Britain’s Got Talent judge star alongside friend and comedian Keith Lemon. The comedy series saw Amanda being forced to choose between her husband and her awkward older relative Myrtle. However, the series which quickly became a fan favourite has since been reportedly scrapped with no further series’ being made.

During the series, Myrtle met a number of famous faces including Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard and GB News anchor Eamonn Holmes.

It transpired that despite her age, Myrtle Holden was very much young at heart and mischievous.

Speaking about the news, an insider said: “The Holden Girls proved hilarious together and bosses loved working with Amanda and Keith.

“But they’ve decided to focus their attention on new comedy shows.” has approached Channel 4 for comment.

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Amanda previously spoke about her on-screen nan and said: “I’m delighted that everyone is finally going to meet my nan.

“The apple never falls far from my tree and in this series, she will certainly be keeping me on my toes.”

Before the show aired, a spokesperson for Amanda’s “nan”, Myrtle, said: “I have no comment, apart from I’m really hoping being on TV might mean I can finally meet my favourite young man, Ben Shepherd.”

When the show first aired, many of the viewers didn’t realise it was Keith Lemon who took on the role of Amanda’s nan.

However, they soon saw through her disguise and took to their Twitter accounts to comment on the costume.

Sally Emerson expressed: “Who thought this was a good idea…Leigh Francis playing Amanda Holden’s nan? This does not bode well.”

@sinnerOF9 added: “It’s like they saw Mrs Brown’s Boys and wanted a piece of that action…I have to say I’m baffled by this comedy show.”

Paul Simpson commented on the first episode back in 2021: “The tweets are actually funnier than Amanda Holden’s new comedy show.”

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@XOX0X0 praised: “Loved watching Leigh Francis and Amanda Holden, the two of you are hysterical together.”

@GraceKetts_LOP said: “Amanda and Keith (Myrtle) are hysterical together. Loving this show.”

Zack Bryce penned: “Wow I actually thought that was Amanda’s nan until I heard a slip of the voice! Well played guys.” (sic).

Amanda and Keith are yet to comment on the series being axed.

The Holden Girls: Mandy and Myrtle series one is available to watch in All4.

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