Alison Hammond happier than ever with new boyfriend: ‘He makes my heart sing!’

Alison Hammond is officially "off the market" as she opened up to Lorraine Kelly about how her new man makes her "heart sing".

The Brummie star, 47, appeared on Friday's episode of Lorraine as she discussed her secret boyfriend, who had been rather exposed in hilarious fashion by Dermot O'Leary as they hosted This Morning.

More than a week on, Alison appeared more willing to discuss her man but still wasn't giving too much away.

Lorraine, 62, began prying: "Congratulations, because I know Dermot revealed it to everybody because you were trying to keep this lovely romance under wraps, but it's just great."

Alison responded saying: "All I can say is he makes my heart sing and I feel content, he enriches my life in ways I've never had before."

Lorraine reassured her, saying: "Alison, you don't have to say anymore than that. Anyone who does that for you is fabulous."

Dermot, 49, had began teasing Alison during an episode of This Morning on May 30 by saying: "You're not available anymore, but if you were, jeez what a catch!"

Alison questioned him, saying: "What do you mean I'm not available? I'm available!"

The presenters continued to go back and forth until Alison teased: "Is there someone in my life?", to which Dermot replied, "I think so!"

A red-faced Alison then joked that her colleague had "told the whole world".

The pair then laughed it off before Alison told ITV viewers: "I have got somebody guys, I'm off the market, I'm so sorry guys!"

Following the leak into Alison's private life, Dermot confessed he was "wracked with guilt" and pretended to be a viewer writing in to the show for advice.

He said: "I've got one here from Dermot: 'Dear Hagan [Fox], I'm wracked with guilt for outing my partner on air last week, that she might be in some long-term relationship.

"How do I process this, and should my stars define how I get through it?'."

As Hagan shared his advice, a shamed Dermot was seen running away from the camera as Alison laughed along.

As well as giving an insight into her personal life, Alison was also on Lorraine to discuss her new book, Black in Time.

The children's book, which Alison has also urged adults to read, examines a number of key black figures in British history.

Alison explained that black history had really become her passion following her documentary, Alison Hammond: Back to School.

"I always thought wouldn't it have been nice when my eight year old self was at school to have a book about black history so I could see myself and just have some reference to something positive to look forward to, as well as something to aspire to.

"I thought what a great idea, let's put those black figures into a children's book."

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