Alex Rodriguez Joins Jimmy Fallon for Brilliantly Awkward Hip-Hop Dance Class

The late-night host is completely out of breath almost immediately, while A-Rod struggles a bit more with the rhythm and getting down.

Alex Rodriguez is already a legend on the streets of New York but now he’s ready to battle on them after taking a hip-hop class with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."

The two New Yorkers joined a class where they picked up some basic steps and tested their rhythm with important moves like #WheresMyEggs?

Okay, their instructor Sarah used some unorthodox techniques to try and get the boys into the groove of the piece, but she was also incredibly successful in working with both of them. Okay, incredibly might be a bit generous, but kudos to the guys for really putting their all into it.

Clearly they were out of their comfort zone, and A-Rod even more than Jimmy. But he did have one edge on the late-night host. "Is it bad that I’m already out of breath?" Jimmy asked shortly into the class. The atheltic A-Rod, meanwhile, was doing just fine.

Jimmy took the lead, though, in overall rhythm and looseness. A-Rod’s baseball training left him way too stiff overall. He didn’t really dig into the floor and sink low enough even after all the practice.

Jimmy, though, comes from a more musically-inclined background and he’s done plenty of dancing and moving with rhythm through his musical impressions. That could also explain why he had more success in remembering the choreogrpahy than A-Rod.

Nevertheless, the final product was an absolute blast to watch, and A-Rod was totally adorable as he committed fully to the moves. Maybe he picked up a bit of love for this new form of exercise. If so, it’s something he could take home and share with fiancee Jennifer Lopez, who certainly knows how to move herself.

Could we see him grooving with her on a future music video, or even in a surprise cameo on tour? Can you even imagine how much a New York audience would blow up to see A-Rod rocking out on stage with J.Lo!

Even better, if he sticks with it on the sly, he could surprise her at their wedding by totally getting down with her on the dance floor.

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