Alesha Dixon says violent childhood shaped who she is and made her a better mum

ALESHA Dixon has opened up about her violent childhood — and believes it has made her a better mum.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge was aged eight to ten when mum Beverley was attacked by an unnamed boyfriend.

She said: “I have had things happen that have knocked me to my core and had to spend many years working through it.

“Growing up, I didn’t really see healthy relationships and good communication skills.

“I saw people coming and going, and violence, so it took a long time to know how to have good relationships. It sounds like a sob story, but it really has shaped who I am.”

Alesha, 42, is mum to daughters Azura, seven, and Anaya, 20 months, with choreographer husband Azuka Ononye.

She added: “I want make sure my children are never exposed to things that I saw.

“I want them to grow up feeling very secure, because I grew up feeling very insecure.

“It’s tricky as there is this misconception I had a bad childhood. That’s not the case. 

“I had a lot of love around me but I did see things I shouldn’t have seen as a girl.”

The singer, who hosted BBC1’s domestic-violence documentary Don’t Hit My Mum in 2010, uses talking and exercise as therapy.

Speaking of her post-baby tum on the Give Me Strength with Alice Liveing podcast, Alesha said: “I still have my kangaroo pouch, that stubborn bit of fat that just doesn’t want to go anywhere because it can’t be bothered.

“I work out five times a week. You think, ‘OK, I’ve had a baby, that’s going to be harder to shift’. But I have to make peace with it, that’s how beautiful the body is. I’m more in awe of it than in a place wanting to criticise it.”

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