'Alaskan Bush People' Update: Season 8 Details Emerge, Ami Brown's Health Remains Positive

The word is that ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 8 is finally scheduled to debut on the Discovery Channel, and there seems to be good news out regarding Ami Brown’s cancer battle as well.

People love the Brown family of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, and they are anxious for new episodes to debut. It has been a while since viewers got to see how Ami Brown and the rest of the family was doing, but it looks like that’s about to change. After months of uncertainty, reports detail that the show will return later this summer. In addition, a new update on Ami’s health has emerged, and it sounds as if there’s good news on that front.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Alaskan Bush People will return to Discovery with Season 8 on August 24. There had previously been some reports detailing that it would be back in May of this year, but then it was put back on hiatus and nothing concrete has emerged until now.

As many have anticipated, much of Season 8 will focus on Ami Brown and her ongoing battle with late-stage lung cancer. Radar Online recently reported that Ami had headed back to Los Angeles for a routine three-month check at the end of May, and she was said to be surrounded by love and was feeling optimistic about the state of things.

What viewers will see during Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People will be some very difficult times for Ami and the Brown family as they deal with recurring treatments and setbacks in her cancer battle. Some who followed the series began to question whether or not Ami truly had cancer, and sources have told Radar Online that the Brown matriarch’s fight is very real.

Luckily, the latest reports indicate that Ami’s test results from her recent trip to UCLA were very good. Ami is said to still be recovering from the treatments and subsequent exhaustion, but she is progressing well and is determined to beat the odds. While the latest results were good news for the family, her battle isn’t entirely behind her yet and given the type of cancer she has, she may well have some difficult days ahead of her yet.

As the new episodes of Alaskan Bush People debut, viewers will get to see interviews with some of Ami’s doctors and others in the medical community who have been working with Brown during her cancer battle. As has been previously reported, the Brown family was based in the state of Washington for these new episodes rather than Alaska.

While there has been some doubt about which Brown family members would be involved in the upcoming season, right now reports indicate that the full family will be back. Will Alaskan Bush People end with Season 8 as many suspect or will it continue? Fans may have to wait and see on that front, and the answer may ultimately depend on Ami Brown’s cancer battle and how her health is going forward.

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