‘AGT’ Season 17 Premiere Recap: Bullied Musician Earns First Golden Buzzer

The new season of the long-running talent competition show features Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara returning as judges with Terry Crews joining as the host.

AceShowbiz -“America’s Got Talent” kicked off season 17 on Tuesday, May 31. The new season featured Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara returning as judges with Terry Crews joining as the host.

The first performance that night was from The Pack Drumline. Heidi thought that the performance was “sexy” and the “choreography was great.” Howie, Simon and Sofia also gave the group praises, sending them to Hollywood.

Up next was JoJo Siwa‘s group XOMG POP! which the star created with her mom. They danced to an original song titled “Candy Hearts” in rainbow glittery costumes. “Every little girl in America is going to go crazy when they see you on AGT,” Sofia commented. As they earned a standing ovation from the judges, they headed to the next round.

Mervant Vera hoped to impress the judges with his magic act. For his performance, he rapped through his shuffled card trick where all the cards he flipped over coincided with lyrics to his song. Simon called it “honestly incredible.” Mervant stayed in the competition.

Performing Dermot Kennedy‘s “Better Days” was Lee Collinson. Sofia praised him for his “beautiful personality,” while Simon noted that there’s something “charming, humble, and likable” about him. The judges sent him to the next round.

Pepino the Mini Horse then hit the stage, marking the first animal act of the season. Unfortunately, Pepino failed to do the command and it trotted off stage. Following a few declined acts, singer Ben Lapidus sang a song about parmesan cheese. The judges immediately hit the X buzzers, much to the audience’s dismay. Eventually, Ben performed again and that was when Simon noticed the hook of the song. Ben moved on.

The next performer was opera singer Celia Munoz from Spain who auditioned as a ventriloquist. Instead of using a doll, she “prepared” for singing with a vanity on stage where she put on makeup, brushed her teeth, drank water and took a humorous phone call while singing through the corners of her mouth. She was sent to the next round.

Veranica & Her Incredible Friends then brought some animal pets that included doves and camels. Simon said that they never had an animal act actually listen to anything the judges have to say. The act unsurprisingly got four yes votes.

The next performers were comedian Mike E. Winfield, who joked about bearing the weight of his family’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders, and Shu Takada, who hit the stage to perform a yo-yo act. The two were sent to the next round.

Concluding the night was saxophonist Avery Dixon, who claimed that he was bullied as a kid because of physical and vocal differences due to being a prematurely born child. Simon loved Avery’s “great” performance. Before the judges started voting, Terry said that they didn’t need to vote as he hit his Golden Buzzer.

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