A Teacher's Kate Mara defends disturbing grooming scenes as drama compared to Cuties for 'fetishizing abuse'

A Teacher's Kate Mara has defended the disturbing grooming scenes in the American drama.

The miniseries has even been compared to the controversial Netflix film Cuties for 'fetishizing abuse.'

The drama series focuses on a high school English teacher Claire, who is involved in an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student Eric, who she is tutoring.

Due to the sensitive nature of the show viewers, it has even been compared to Netflix's Cuties, which received a huge backlash after portrayal of allegedly sexualising 11-year-old girls.

Mara, 37, who plays the young teacher Claire, defended the show, stating they are raising awareness on the subject.

She revealed: "We're not trying to glamorize in any way this type of situation, we're just trying to shine a light on it."

While the Hulu miniseries is not based on a true story, Mara states that the narrative told in the program is very similar to many real-life situations.

She added: "When I was telling people and talking to people that I know that I was going to be making this show, every single person that I talked to either knew somebody that this happened to or it happened to them. That was the most surprising thing about this whole experience."

One feature that is perhaps different with the story in A Teacher, is that the aggressor is a female.

Mara contained: "This character does things that we're not used to seeing women do on screen.

"I think female sexuality onscreen scares people, and I think that people aren't used to seeing the female as the abuser."

The story is told in a very real and authentic way and the chemistry between Kate and her co-star Nick Robinson makes for interesting viewing.

The actress also commented on why she believes it is important for shows like A Teacher to exist.

She doesn't "think it's easy to really understand why these type of things happen, and that's why it's so important for a show like this to exist."

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