‘A political opportunist’ Nicola Sturgeon savaged by GB News host over independence dreams

Nicola Sturgeon is a 'political opportunist' says Dan Wootton

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Launching a rant on the Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, Dan Wootton told GB News viewers “the game is up” on her leadership of the country as her “true desires” become clear. Speaking on Tuesday evening, the host questioned Nicola Sturgeon’s motives as he claimed the public want a change of leadership.

“If there’s one political leader in the UK who I believe should be hoping the omicron variant leads to further COVID-19 chaos, carnage and yes, lockdowns, it’s Nicola Sturgeon,” Wootton argued.

He continued: “But in my opinion, the last 48 hours shows why.

“The Scottish first minister is a political opportunist rather than a serious contender to lead Scotland.

“And smart Scots, both unionists fed up with her constant divisive, separatist rhetoric and nationalists, sick of her loud talk and lack of action, are finally seeing through Sturgeon.

“The game is up. And I predict, despite her denials, it won’t be long before she starts to negotiate some cushy job with her liberal mates at the UN or World Health Organisation.

“It’s so obvious that’s what her heart really desires now that she really knows becoming the queen of Scots is a delusional fantasy.

“She must realise that it is no longer a pressing priority for Scottish people who want her failed SNP government to sort out its desperate health system, collapsing ambulance service, spiralling drugs crisis and under pressure education service.

“I don’t believe individual polls, but the trend has become overwhelming of late.

“There’s no majority for Scottish independence, not even close.”

Responding to his tirade against Sturgeon, viewers took to social media to discuss the topic further.

Twitter user Keith Jackson wrote: “Absolutely, President Sturgeon doesn’t speak for the majority of the Scottish people.”

Glasgow Guy penned: “A must watch. He doesn’t hold back talking about Sturgeon.”

Judith Taylor added: “Spot on! I wonder how keen @NicolaSturgeon would be to be interviewed by @danwootton.”

Others disagreed with Wootton’s strong take, though and insisted Sturgeon was doing a good job.

Kevin Mohan shared: “And I bet Nicola Sturgeon’s role as First Minister of Scotland will last longer than the future of GBNews.”

“A serious political operator v gobs**** Wooton,” HockleyBear commented.

Wootton ended his piece by stating: “There’s only so long you can weaponise the fear of a virus against your people.

“And there’s only so long you can use COVID to delay your promised 2023 referendum part two.”

He repeated: “The game is up.”

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