5 Times 'Avengers: Infinity War' Cast Made Us LOL on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Last Night

Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan, Sebastian Stan and Josh Brolin were the latest Marvel stars to roll through the ABC late-night show.

Just like Marvel superheroes have to break off into smaller teams to take on Thanos in "Avengers: Infinity War," they’ve been busy taking turns infiltrating "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week.

Wednesday night’s squad featured Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan, Sebastian Stan and Josh Brolin.

Oh no! Did anyone tell them Thanos himself infiltrated the team? Apparently he’s had some work done to tone down that obnoxious chin of his. In Hollywood how long and he’s already had some touch-up work done?!

As with the previous groups, this newest batch of Marvel heroes (and villains) drew sketches of their characters for charity and talked about the friendly rivalry that exists over their various solo projects. For the record, Chadwick Boseman is totally winning right now with "Black Panther."

Enjoy all of the highlights from the Kimmel takeover below:


Jimmy Kimmel offered up a very bizarre sneak peek at "Avengers: Infinity War" to two lucky fans on the streets of Los Angeles. He had a wall set up with a head-sized hole in it. But when they looked through it, it wasn’t a peek at the film so much as it was the five cast-members standing on the other side of the wall.

First to poke her head through was a super-fan dressed as Thor who was on a break from a 29-hour Marvel movie marathon down the street. She was quite literally speechless upon seeing not only Thor, but Black Panther, Nebula, the Winter Soldier and Thanos himself.

Next through was a Captain America fan who proved surprisingly eloquent when most would be completely stunned. After receiving a blessing from King T’Challa, he told them, "Yo, it’s really great to see you guys, man. You all should see the effect that you’ve had on people. This is legit. You guys are great, man."


Certainly Chadwick Boseman knows something about the impact "Black Panther" has had on moviegoers. Already a member of the $1 billion club at the box office, his movie has become a cultural phenomenon, with the Wakandan salute taking over.

"If I don’t want to do it, I have to not leave the house," Boseman told Kimmel of the salute. He said that he gets chased down the street, and even got to experience the reverence, bow and salute in a bathroom.

With so much love heading Boseman’s way, Kimmel asked if there was any rivalry between the various cast-members for their solo films.

"I do this every time another film comes out with a new character and they do better than my film: I just remind myself I was one of the founding members," Chris Hemsworth tells him. "I feel a little bit better, and then I look at the reviews and the box office and I’m like, ‘That doesn’t even matter!’" He said this last with a smile while pointing at Boseman.


But Boseman isn’t the only one who deals with getting recognized on the streets for their work in the genre. Karen Gillan revealed that she gets recognized all the time for her work in the "X-Men" films … only that’s Sophie Turner!

One time, she was tired and so she just went with it when a fan confused her for Turner. But then she got too deep into a conversation and the lies were compounding so she literally ran away. "I’m sorry if he thinks Sophie Turner is a really weird person now," she said before publicly apologizing to Turner herself.

When asked if they could reveal anything about the next "Avengers" movie, Hemsworth cryptically said, "Some of us are excited about the next one."


Once again, Jimmy Kimmel had the assembled "Avengers" draw their characters during a commercial break and once again, these men and women proved that while they may be artists on the big screen, they are not artists on the page.

Josh Brolin took things to a whole new level, explaining of Thanos, "I’ve been told his face looks like a scrotum." And so, that’s what he tried to render. Even better, the pictures are being auctioned off to benefit children … so that’s not awkward at all.


Since "Black Panther" never got a vintage television cartoon in the 1970s, Jimmy Kimmel’s team made one for him, and it is super-corny. They even wrote him a theme song with great lines like, "He’s cooler than Thor because he’s not white," and "I’m going Acric-razy!"

While "The Avengers" appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is a bit of corporate synergy, seeing as Disney owns both Marvel and ABC, Jimmy Fallon didn’t want to be left out completely. He stuck with the vintage television theme by having some of the cast-members recreate the iconic "Brady Bunch" theme song for the Marvel age, complete with singing heads in squares. You can check that out below.

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