18 Emmerdale spoilers from a shock for Victoria to an olive branch between David and Jacob

FEUDING father and son David and Jacob make steps towards peace after Pollard has a health scare, while Wendy arrives with some shocking news for Victoria in Emmerdale this upcoming week.

Here's the lowdown…


Jacob lures David and Leyla to the café with a message to their fake account. David is forced to confess he set up the fake leaving Jacob feeling betrayed.

Kerry convinces Amy to have a girlie afternoon with her and Tracy. But her plan backfires when the women spend most of their times sniping at each other about newbie, Nate.


David and Jacob resolve to keep Pollard stress free after he panics them with breathlessness while they bicker.

When Leyla spots Jacob and David getting along, she hatches a plan. What’s she cooking up?

Victoria determines to leave the village so she and Diane gets Keepers Cottage ready for an estate agent visit.

Wendy Posner – Lee’s mum – arrives at Keepers, throwing a spanner in the works for Victoria.

Wendy tells Victoria that she won’t give up on being part of the baby’s life and that Lee may go for custody.

Moira warns Amy off Nate after hearing them arrange a date.

Amy is left mortified when Kerry gets dolled up and heads to the pub. She causes trouble, leaving their relationship in tatters.

Debbie asks Ryan to advise Matty about women.


Robert talks rapist Lee at his house. What’s he planning?

Amy tells Nate about Moira warning him off. He’s furious, wondering why she’d do that. Soon he has his suspicions, but is he right?

Victoria is more determined to leave than ever and Diane asks Pollard to buy her out of the B&B to help her.

Dawn is devastated when she learns Lucas’ foster parents are taking him to Disneyland, worried it will ruin their relationship.

Kerry tries to build bridges.


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Priya is struggling with her eating disorder, causing Andrea to be worried about her.

David is preoccupied with the result of his blood test.

Recent events leave Robert despondent.

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