Your January 2021 Sex Horoscope Is Here And It’s All About Opening Up

So…just a heads up: January is going to have a little of everything in the mix for your love life. You’ll be calling the shots and taking risks.

On the 8th, Venus moves into Capricorn giving you zero tolerance for bullsh*t. Like, how hard is it for your S.O. to show up when they said they would? You’ll also want to create strong boundaries in your love life. How can you make everything function well and leave some time for yourself?

The full moon in Leo on the 28th makes you want to take romantic risks. You’ll be all about following your heart, whether it’s walking up and talking to someone who catches your eye, or investing a little more into your steady relationship.

Here’s what else is in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

Be open to new possibilities, Aries. Saturn and Jupiter are hanging out in your house of friendship, signaling that your next big love just might be from someone you consider a friend. When the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th, it sends all kinds of romantic vibes your way. So, break out the candles and good lingerie. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and the full moon in Leo on the 28th is also big on romance, making this the month to go all in. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll be big on creating special moments with your S.O., even if you’ve been together for ages.

Venus is hanging out in a sector of your chart about knowledge, signaling that you’ll meet someone who digs the same random stuff that you do. The full moon on the 28th will make you wonder if you’re putting enough energy into your love life. Are you really showing up when you need to, or have you been coasting in your relationship lately?

By the end of the month, Mars pushes you to make space for yourself. If you feel like you’re not getting enough “me “time, tell your S.O. Toward the end of the month, you’ll wonder how much you ~actually~ want to share about your past. Is it time to open up a little more? Only you know the answer.

So, Venus is hanging out in a sector of your chart about intimacy and depth, making you crave some serious one-on-one time with your S.O. Yeah, you’re together, but are you truly intimate?

If you’re single, the universe is going to have you mull over what your perfect partner will be like. When the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th, you’ll crave something new in your love life, even if it’s as simple as ordering takeout from someplace new. The full moon on the 28th can super-charge your communication skills, making this the perfect night to have a heart-to-heart with your partner.

It’s easy to meet someone new and just dive in, no questions asked. But the new moon on the 13th will remind you that relationships are not all about making someone else happy. Is your S.O. super supportive or do they limit you in some way? If it’s the latter, it’s time for a chat.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th in a sector of your chart about intimacy. It’s time to get serious about how close you want to be in a relationship. Are you ready to go all-in, or are things moving a little faster than you’d prefer? If you’re single, be honest about what you’re looking for in a partner. After all, you can’t get what you don’t ask for.

You’ll kick off the month wondering about your perfect love life. Do you have it RN or do you need to change something to ~actually~ make it happen? Venus is also hanging out in a part of your chart about everyday routine.

If you’re single, you’ll meet someone new while going about your usual. There’s Aquarian energy in a sector of your chart about relationships, making you focus on your S.O. a little more than usual. Maybe you could put in a little more effort than you’ve been giving lately. They’re worth it, after all.

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything <<gestures broadly>> that you can kinda-totally phone it in with your love life. But the new moon on the 13th reminds you to take a timeout for romance. So, grab your partner and have a legit date night.

Single? Venus is sending some sexy new possibilities your way. On the 28th, the full moon is happening and stirring up some romantic vibes in the process. So, grab your S.O. and head into your own little bubble, whether it’s cuddling in bed together or going away for a weekend retreat.

You have a lot on your mind, Libra, but it’s clutch to make sure you still find time to feed your relationship. Because, ya know, it’s not going to grow on its own. Mars is in a sector of your chart about renegotiating things in your love life. Maybe it’s time to rethink who does what, whether it’s in or out of the bedroom.

Also, you’ll crave a little more sensuality in your love life, so don’t be afraid to crank up the heat. On the 19th, the Sun is in your 5th house of romance and dating, making it the perfect day to grab someone special and have a solid hang.

Mars, the planet of action, has been hanging out for months in a sector of your chart about work, making you hyper-focused on your career. But it’s now shifting into Taurus, sending all kinds of energy about partnerships your way. TL;DR: While you’ve been super busy with work lately, now is the moment to help your love life grow.

Venus is also in your house of communication, making it the perfect time for those long, deep chats about everything. If you’re single, you’ll daydream about your perfect S.O. Already coupled up? Just a heads up: Toward the end of the month, quirky stuff you’ve always thought was funny about them will start to annoy you. Don’t dwell on it—it’s not worth fighting over.

Sure, you have a big picture idea of what you want in your love life, but you’ll kick off the month wondering about what you really value in your relationship. What kind of boundaries do you want and how much time do you want to spend with any one person in particular? Are you actually ready to settle down? Don’t let anyone push you into something if you’re not ready.

The full moon on the 28th makes you want to travel with your S.O. So, plan a little getaway, even if it’s for the future. Single? Keep your eyes open while you do your usual routine—you’ll meet someone new along the way.

Get ready, Capricorn, because your month is kicking off with pretty much everyone being into you. It’s all thanks to Venus hanging out in your sign, and it’s going to give you plenty of options in the love department.

On the 6th, Mars moves into a sector of your chart about romance and dating, making it the perfect time to create a special moment with your partner. The full moon on the 28th lights up a part of your chart about intimacy. Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable. Speaking from the heart jacks up the odds your S.O. will, too—and that will only bring you closer.

With as busy as you’ve been lately, you’ve kinda-totally neglected your relationship. But you’ll kick off the month craving some serious QT with your partner. So, carve out some time together, just the two of you. No phones, no screens—just have a solid hang.

If you’re single, someone in your circle is hoping you’ll look at them as more than just a friend. Keep your mind open to the possibility: You never know where it could lead you. The full moon on the 30th is in your house of partnerships, making it a great time to have long, deep chats with your S.O. So, crack open a bottle of wine and just talk. It’ll make you closer than ever.

Sure, it can be kinda annoying when a friend insists on setting you up with someone, but don’t say no this month. They’ve seriously got someone special for you.

Already coupled up? Make a plan to spend some solid time with your partner, just the two of you. It’s so needed. The full moon on the 28th inspires you to put your heart into the things you do, especially when you communicate with your S.O. Think twice before sending those blunt texts—softer language never hurt anyone. Toward the end of the month, the Sun sends some serious intuitive vibes your way. So, listen to your gut when it comes to love. It won’t steer you wrong.

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