Your horoscope with Lilith

When mutable Mercury meets chatty Gemini sun and midweek full moon in the sign of adventure and exploration, airwaves buzz with wild ideas and fizzy possibilities.

GEMINI: This week's trio of outer planets in earth signs offer powerful reality checks on worldwide economic and environmental concerns, which of course affect your own small corner. But sudden rash decisions or money moves could be counter-productive, so be guided by in-depth research, careful assessment and the lessons of past experience.

​When mutable Mercury meets chatty Gemini sun and midweek full moon in the sign of adventure and exploration, airwaves buzz with wild ideas and fizzy possibilities.

CANCER: Surface information isn't giving you the full story, so you'll need to dig deeper this week. Knee-jerk reactions to unsettling news are understandable, but best not acted on. Let fears and feelings settle, avoid getting caught up in the stresses and strains of inflammatory debates, find a new comfort zone to operate from.

LEO: As everyone on planet earth, no exceptions, navigates current shifts and changes, this week's entertaining camaraderie, enjoyable interactions and satisfying self expression make it easier to deal with the fraught and frazzled energetics of circumstantial upheaval. There's plenty of local activities keep you busy, and generous gestures will be well received.

VIRGO: Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus sets your focus on health: the inner and outer robustness of your work and relationships. Try to avoid negative self talk, mentally re-running anxiety scenarios or indulging in worryfests. Position problems to stew and brew on the back burner while you enjoy the current influx of interesting visitors.

LIBRA: Synchronicity rules in the time of the networking Twins, and this week you're in the right place at the right time charming the right people with all the right lines. You are also weighing your natural extravagance against the lessons of experience to realise that it's OK to just enjoy what you already have.

SCORPIO: Your resourcefulness and mystery-solving skills get a workout sifting through this week's fake news, misleading disinformation, rumour, hearsay and gossip – all of what might politely be termed alternative facts. Midweek full moon sets the stage for some out-of-the-box thinking and vibrant dialogue, from which new relationship patterns emerge.

SAGITTARIUS: As Jupiter continues its healing work, be clear about your own role and motives when addressing this week's challenges. While quick, cut to the chase solutions appeal, they're not necessarily the best and may make things worse. Midweek full moon in your sign naturally finds you in full voice, sharing sage counsel with family and friends.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns like riding on top of change holding the reins, but this week you'll be way better off surrendering to the inevitable – it's been a long time coming. Venus in Cancer sweetens relationships, making it easier to team up than be adversarial, with late-week Capri moon highlighting a personal power and pleasure peak.

AQUARIUS: This week's unstable but undeniably exciting climate presents some intriguing opportunities to exercise that unique Uranian skill set. Midweek full moon speaks to your inner gypsy, firing lively conversational exchanges, during which it would be easy to let your mouth run away with your manners and commonsense – but much smarter not to.

PISCES: This week manufactures distractions from a dozen different directions, but multi-tasking has definite downsides when 100 per cent of your focused attention is required. The last three days of May are graced with auspicious full Moon in Sagittarius plus a sublime grand water trine of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune: guaranteed bliss-out ingredients for Pisceans.

ARIES: Aries' ruler Mars in Aquarius is currently inspiring a new vision of your future. Perhaps not what you planned or expected, but just because something seems impossible, has that ever stopped you? For best results, balance individuality, initiative and innovation with kindness, courage and curiosity – you're well stocked on them all.

TAURUS: If midweek full moon brings money matters to a head, with recurring themes of rethinking work-to-reward ratios, streamlining assets etc., keep lines of communication open, even if they seem jammed with differences of opinion. That done, Venus in Cancer insists on a swag of self-nurturing, personal pampering as a reward.

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