Yorkshire Day 2020: How to celebrate if you're back in lockdown

Today marks Yorkshire Day, a day in which proud Yorkshire folk celebrate their heritage.

It started back in the 1970s as a response to local government reorganisation, but has morphed into more of a general day where people can get together and say ‘ay up’ to their fellow Yorkshiremen and women.

This year, a few spanners have been thrown in the works.

Firstly, coronavirus meant that many of the official events have been changed up. Then there’s the fact that just yesterday parts of the north of England were plunged back into a form of lockdown by Matt Hancock.

Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees residents are now no longer allowed to congregate in homes with friends and family, scuppering any indoor gatherings that may have been planned.

There are still plenty of ways to celebrate, though, so whether you’re in lockdown or not you can still raise a glass to Yorkshire.

Have a cuppa and cake

There’s nothing more soothing than doing some baking, and this time of year calls for a traditional Yorkshire parkin.

This recipe from The Spruce Eats is simple enough to do with children, and makes a gorgeous bake that can be eaten on its own or popped in a trifle for an interesting twist.

And, of course, what would this day be without a proper Yorkshire tea?

Of course this should all be done safely and outdoors with social distancing and PPE if required.

But what a feeling to show off your Yorkshire spirit by taking someone for tea and cake or a picnic.

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