Women are only just realising genius hack to make nail file last longer

Let's be real, we've all sat there on the sofa filing our nails simply out of boredom.

Most nail files could last a long time, but you'll find the pad can start to wear out after a while.

And often when that happens, we just turn to Amazon or Boots to buy another one.

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But now did you know it doesn't have to be that way?

In fact, you're about to discover something which might just blow your mind, so are you ready for it?

Thanks to the Twitter account, Today Years Old, there's a whole different layer underneath the top one on some.

Yes, we're shocked too…

The user wrote: "How old were you ladies when you learned that you can peel off to reveal a new one?"

And in the photo, the evidence shows that there is, in fact, another layer to our beloved nail file.

While it might not be every nail file, it's still most of them which we didn't even know about.

The post garnered over 1,110 retweets and 9,800 likes.

One wrote: "TODAY. I was TODAY years old *laughing emoji*."

Another added: "You're kidding.

"I used to be a nail technician and I was today years old when I learned this. I feel so stupid lol."

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A third joked: "29 years, 11 months, 14 days."

And a fourth user in disbelief commented: "Omg what."

Meanwhile a fifth Twitter user admitted: "Today years old! I've been throwing them out!"

So next time you're about to throw your nail file, just check there isn't another layer hiding below…

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