Woman’s horror as Hinge date runs her selfie through ‘pretty scale’ website

A woman was not impressed when her Hinge match put her selfie through a “pretty scale”.

Katie Coe’s picture was put through a website called Pretty Scale, which scans photos and rates attractiveness.

After this process was complete, her match Freddie criticised her forehead size.

Understandably, she thought this was a “weird” move and declined his offer to take her out on a date.

The publishing assistant, based in London, took to Twitter to share screenshots of the cringe-worthy exchange.

She wrote: “If you think you are bad at making decisions take a look at one of my Hinge matches who needs an actual computer to tell him whether he finds someone attractive.”

In the text exchange, Freddie tells Katie: “Not gonna lie I put a couple of your selfies through that Pretty Scale website to check if you are actually attractive.

“Your score was decent (but your forehead is too big apparently lol!).

“So do you wanna go out next week?”

Katie replied: “Wtf why did you do that? And then tell me about it? Weird.”

The Hinge user didn’t seem concerned by the reaction and defended his actions.

He wrote: “I do it for all people I consider dating, just to check they’re scientifically good looking and I’m not just confused.

“Like I said, you seem alright so next week?”

This explanation didn’t fly with Katie, who replied: “Absolutely not, see ya”.

She also decided to give Freddie the “Pretty Scale” treatment.

The singleton jokingly put a picture of the poo emoji through the website and shared its “very ugly” rating.

Freddie was furious, replying: “F*** you. I’m not ugly! You’re loss” (sic).

Katie has since unmatched the Hinge user and deleted his number from her phone.

Her post has garnered more than 161,500 likes and hundreds of comments.

One responder said: “Looks like a classic example of negging – paying you a backhanded compliment to undermine your confidence and increase your need for approval from him. Ewwww.”

And another wrote: “You’re better off without that loser. As if he’d need a machine to see if you’re good looking or not. He just needs to open his eyes.”

Pretty Scale maintained its website is just a bit of fun and should not be “taken seriously”.

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