Woman who left 'message in a bottle' for stranger finds success

Woman who wrote a ‘message in a bottle’ in a bid to re-discover the ‘beautiful Aquaman lookalike’ she met on holiday FINDS him – as the mystery 29-year-old hunk is finally unmasked

  • Mum penned note to stranger she called ‘Aquaman’ 
  • He saw the note and was keen to get to know her
  • They plan to visit each other interstate  

A tourist has been reunited with a stranger who reminded her of Aquaman after leaving a heartfelt note asking for him to get in touch at the place they first met.

The woman, who signed the note Pina, bravely left the note two days after the chance encounter, calling for the 6’4, long-haired, well-dressed man to call her.  

Speaking to FEMAIL the mum-of-three, who is a Perth-based spiritual healer and interior designer, revealed she was with her children when she met Aquaman and his mum.

The 53-year-old, who goes by Pina Colada online and in writers’ circles said she left the note at the street library in Maroubra, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs because she had nothing to lose. 

The mum penned a note trying to reach the stranger and he saw it and responded – Kel Henderson, her Aquaman, pictured 

Kel was keen to reconnect with the mother and sent her a text after seeing the note 

She explained when they met she was so engrossed in conversation she didn’t think to grab his number.

‘l I wrote it compellingly. Couldn’t believe I was writing it, but it felt like some quirky fun – and since I’ve always wanted to send a message in a bottle this was definitely the perfect opportunity; she said.

She couldn’t know that her Aquaman, 29-year-old model and poet Kel Henderson, had also once been obsessed with the ‘message in a bottle idea’.

So when he saw one, of sorts, directed at him after someone photographed the note and put it online, he knew he had to respond. 

He told FEMAIL he connected with Pina instantly: ‘My mum and I had such a good chat with her, the kind that you don’t seem to get with strangers anymore these days and after seeing such a beautifully written and thoughtful letter left for me I thought it would be rude not to at least send her a text,’ he said.

Their friendship has gone from strength-to-strength and they are already planning for Kel to head over for a tour of the west coast later this year.

The note was left at a street library in Maroubra – both Kel and Pina admitted they had been intrigued by the idea of a ‘message in a bottle’

A woman, who goes by the name Pina Colada online has found her ‘Aquaman’ after becoming star struck from chance encounter

‘I grew up by the ocean in Maroubra and always imagined what it must be like seeing the sun set into the waters every night,’ he said.

And Pina will also be back to the eastern suburbs. 

‘Kel has WA on his bucket list and Maroubra itself has stolen a piece of my heart, it’s people and vibe remind me of home. I’m an ocean lover and always find gifts by the sea.’

The mother-of-three explained she was supposed to be in Hawaii when she met Kel – but had chosen to stay in Sydney instead.

The fact this made the chance encounter even rarer which further compelled her to write the note.

‘I knew I had to do something about this feeling and bit the bullet because life is about taking chances – and grabbing every opportunity with open arms,’ she said.

‘I’m a free spirited, fun loving and spontaneous soul who lives with a lot of responsibility – since I was unwinding on holiday I decided to chase some magic and follow my heart,’ she added.

She added that there is a great freedom in taking action ‘especially in matters of the heart’ but went on to say the pair are just friends.

‘(it’s) Definitely a kindred connection! I believe that love comes to us in all sorts of mysterious ways and it’s not always something we can define,’ she said.

Kel plans to visit Pina in Western Australia and is excited to see the sun set over the ocean there

Pina said she is a budding writer and loves the ideas of street libraries being a place where people can meet 

Kel agrees, saying in his experience friendships last longer. 

The newly-minted friends revealed their first conversation was simply about the street library, which has been open since 2020.

‘Pina was coming past with her kids and we all got talking about how beautiful an idea it was and the conversation just flowed from there,’ Kel said.

Pina said there’s no street libraries in Perth, and as a budding writer she absolutely loves the idea.

‘They are clearly a great place for people to meet and greet,’ she said. 

The original letter went viral as people gushed over the old-school romantic charm.

‘Surely someone must know her Aquaman. We need a part two,’ one woman said.

‘I can’t help but this is next level! I l love it. Nobody goes to this kind of effort anymore. I hope she find her Aquaman,’ said another.

Hundreds of people supported the mission and appeared relieved when it was revealed they had found each other.   

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