Woman ‘wants to sue’ over haircut fail as she ‘looks like Harry Potter star’

A woman was mortified when she went for a haircut and ended up getting trolled by viewers who said she looked like someone from the Harry Potter movies.

Sam Williams was excited for a trim to get rid of her long blonde tresses and made a before-and-after video showing how the new hair style had turned out.

"Me excited for my haircut," she says in the clip as she flings her hair and dances in her house before she heads off to the salon.

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A quick transition of the video cuts to the aftermath – and it's fair to say Sam isn't impressed by the result

The TikToker shows her new hair, which looks like a failed attempt of "curtain bangs" with poor layering after it's been shortened to shoulder length.

"Am I allowed to sue over a hair cut?" she wrote in the caption.

Some said they "feel your pain" and shared their haircut fails in the comments.

"I've got the exact same haircut before," one said and another wrote: "I feel you, this just happened to me."

Others said the new look reminds them of a Harry Potter character.

One pointed out: "More like the Weasley twins hair styles. Sorry."

"Fred and George Weasley," a second noted but a third commented: "A little shorter you would be Will Byers from Stranger Things."

Sam said she couldn't "unsee" the references but she has found a temporary solution to it.

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She replied in the comments: "It’s as if he couldn’t decide whether to do the Rachel or a bowl cut so he did both.

"The front bits are too short so I can’t even wear a bun.

"I’ve worn half up half down almost every day since this happened."

In Sam's recent videos, she curled her hair so it looked more natural.


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