Woman tells partner to 'leave right now' after he swears at cat

Woman, 24, kicks stunned boyfriend out of their apartment when hearing him swear at her beloved cat – after he asked her to ‘get rid of the feline’

  • The anonymous woman, 24, made a post on Reddit describing the situation
  • She said her partner had always hated the cat – Millie – and wanted her rehomed
  • After the pair moved in, he said he would ‘get over it’ and live with Millie
  • But the woman caught him swearing at the animal – and told him to leave

A woman has revealed how she kicked her boyfriend out of their apartment after catching him whispering foul abuse at her cat, who he wanted to rehome. 

The anonymous woman, 24, shared a post on Reddit, describing how her partner, 30, had recently moved into her apartment.

Problems arose because he hates her cat Millie so much that he had previously said that if the couple were to move in together, the feline would have to be given away.

But when the woman said she would never get rid of the animal, he relented and said he would ‘get over it’. However, she later caught him swearing at the cat and asked him to leave their home.

The woman revealed on Reddit that her boyfriend had always hated her cat. When she caught him swearing at the animal, she told him to leave her apartment ‘right now’ (stock photo)

Writing on Reddit, the anonymous woman said: ‘For context, my boyfriend (BF) and I recently moved in together. It’s something we’ve been talking about, and when his lease ended he moved into my apartment.

‘I have a cat, Millie, who is my baby girl that I’ve had since she was a kitten. Back when my BF and I first started dating, he made the joke that if we were ever going to live together, he’d have to “get rid of that cat”, which I dismissed at the time.

‘When he would come over he would ignore Millie, making jokes about how cats are stuck up, how much he’s a dog person. Again, I dismissed this, because he never acted hostile towards her. I figured it was just a preference.

‘When we started to get serious about moving in, he asked if I would consider giving her away, because he didn’t like the idea of living with a cat. I almost laughed before realizing he was serious. 

‘I told him that under no circumstances would I get rid of my cat. I felt guilty about being unwilling to compromise, but he actually took it well, and reassured me that if she was this important to me, he’d get over it.’

However, one night, when he didn’t realize she was nearby, the boyfriend whispered cruel abuse at Millie, telling her she was “so f****** worthless’ in a tone the woman described as ‘cold and hostile’.

The poster explained how her boyfriend wanted the cat  – Millie – rehomed, but she said she would never get rid of Millie under any circumstances so her boyfriend said he’d ‘get over it’ 

But the woman was worried that she overreacted by forcing her boyfriend to leave her apartment after she heard him swearing at Millie

It led to a major argument between the couple, with the woman telling her boyfriend to ‘leave her apartment right now’.

She continued: ‘Fast forward to last night. I don’t think he realized I was in the kitchen when he came home. Millie was on the couch and I heard him go into the room and give this sigh. Before I could call out, I heard him say “You’re so f****** worthless.”

‘It terrified me, because I’ve never ever heard him speak with such malice. He sounded like a different person. It was just so cold and hostile that I panicked, and rushed out there to see him looking at Millie.’

At this point, the woman told her boyfriend to leave. She asked Redditors whether this was unreasonable.

She wrote: ‘Here’s where I might be the a******. I completely freaked out. I was yelling asking what he thought he was doing talking to her like that? He jumped and I scooped Millie up and told him to leave my apartment right now.

‘He looked so stunned and started to argue, asking where was he supposed to go? I told him that I don’t care, he just needs to leave.

‘He was p***** and said he was going for a drive and slammed the door behind him. I immediately started sobbing and holding Millie. I was shaking and she could tell I was upset and kept cuddling me. 

Some posters were worried about the cat’s safety, suggesting that the boyfriend may hurt Millie

One poster said the boyfriend was likely to ‘get rid’ of the cat one day, then ‘play dumb’, as he has suggested ditching the animal so many times in the past

Many of the almost 3,000 commentators believed that the boyfriend would hurt the animal as soon as he had the chance

‘She calmed me down, and later when he text asking if he could come back, I said yes.’

When the boyfriend returned, the pair talked, and he said he was just being playful with the cat. He added that he always felt like he came second after the cat. 

The woman said: ‘I explained to him how much he means to me, and apologized for ever making him feel like this wasn’t his home.

‘I think I might have overreacted, but I just don’t know. He’s my boyfriend and she’s something I keep refusing to compromise on. But I also don’t believe that he just misjudged his tone. AITA [am I the a******]?’

The post attracted almost 3,000 comments, with many commentators saying the woman was not in the wrong, and that the boyfriend’s treatment of the cat was a red flag.    

One person said: ‘Dump him. Now before you come home someday and find sweet Millie gone and him not telling you where she is.’

One person suggested that the boyfriend might poison Millie, or dump her by the side of a road. They said if their boyfriend swore at their cat, he would be dumped immediately

One poster told the woman she had to trust her gut – and that something ‘very, very wrong’ was likely happening 

Others agreed that the boyfriend poses a threat to Millie, with another saying: ‘A way a person talks about an animal or treats an animal is a good indication of the type of person they are. 

‘After all the talk about wanting to get rid of her, I could never trust him alone with her. How do I know he won’t poison her? Physically hurt her? Or dump on the side of the road? 

‘If it was my boyfriend he would be gone, flat out gone. If you don’t like cats/dogs that’s fine but when you are just nasty about it then you cross a line.’

One Reddit user felt very strongly about the situation, and said the woman had to trust her gut, saying: ‘I will back you up on this.

‘Your gut screamed “danger” at you! Having a strong physical reaction to someone else is your brain telling you something is very very wrong that can’t be explained logically.’ 

Another agreed that the boyfriend being cruel to the cat could suggest his behavior would escalate, saying: ‘He showed you who he really is, when you heard him being verbally abusive to the cat. 

‘It will be you he starts on next. Don’t let him stay in your home or in a relationship with you, to protect yourself and your lovely cat.’  

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