Woman shares incredible oven cleaning hack by removing entire bottom tray

A mum has found a trick to give her oven a thorough clean without going through the pain of bending over for long periods.

TikTok user SableMoon posted the cleaning hack on social media.

In the clip, she removes all the baking trays and racks from the oven before revealing the trick.

She reaches over to the gaps at the bottom of the oven and starts shaking the base to loosen the metal plate.

With a few tries, she removes the entire plate and takes it out of the oven.

She says in excitement: I realised that the entire bottom comes out for cleaning."

"Now I am pretty sure this only works for gas stove or propane stove like the one I have because the heating element is usually at the bottom for electric stoves."

The 43-year-old mum explained: "There's two screws in the back and apparently the screws were missing in mine, so you may have to remove two screws.

"But obviously it's worked fine without."

She added that it also works for electric stoves but it might be much more trouble to remove it.

"You will have to unhook and remove the heating element which may be more trouble than it's worth," she added.

One viewer said: "So I could save my back years of pain???"

A second wrote: "You mean I don't have to climb in there anymore?"

Another praised the trick as a "life-changing tip", commenting: "I have learned more from TikTok in the last four months than my whole 30 years of life. This changed my life."

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